Mistakes People Make When Hooking Up on Uberhorny

Casual sex comes with pre-written rules you should set before you let someone in your apartment or room. 

However, people hooking up for the first time can feel anxious, excited, and nervous.

The main reason people feel excitement and fear is that they worry about making a particular mistake that can cause awkwardness.

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Everything depends on numerous factors, but some people do not feel anxious and nervous with new people. 

Of course, it is normal to feel awkward and self-conscious, which will help you determine good from the bad. 

The most common reasons for this feeling are due to sexual performance anxiety. At the same time, some people compare themselves to your previous hookups and have body image issues.

Generally, it is endless nerve-racking, regardless you should try to have a perfect time.

Hook-up can be a one-night-stand, which means you will be with a particular partner the first time. Therefore, it should be both a healthy and fun experience. 

That is why we wish to present you with common mistakes people make before, during, and after casual sex.

Let us start from the beginning.

  1. Understand Expectations or What You Wish to Get 

Casual sex is more about physical enjoyment combined with letting go of the mental barriers and being accessible in front of someone. Still, it is challenging to do it when you are having sex with someone for the first time due to numerous reasons. 

Still, it would be best if you determined your expectations before you embark and meet with a potential partner. In some instances, people want to ensure long-term relationships, while others seek one-night stands without future commitment. 

In both cases, you should be direct about your ideas with yourself and the other side, which will help you ensure you do not run into something you have not prepared yourself beforehand.

Of course, we are not saying that you should map the entire relationship, including the future, but you should determine whether a partner is on the same page with you. When you start to think in the same direction, the sex will be better as a result. 

The main goal is to create an exciting and fun experience, which is why you should be as direct as possible about your feelings and expectations.

  1. Prevent Performance Anxiety

Everyone wants to be the best in bed, which is why we tend to compare ourselves with our partner’s past hookups trying to beat them and become the best. 

However, casual sex is not about trying and feeling the need to ensure the first place. It is not a competition but the moment when you can let go of everything and feel fun. 

This is especially important if it is your first time with a particular partner because you will not match others familiar with the partner’s body and thoughts. 

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Still, you can notice if something feels awkward, which is the main indication that something is wrong. Of course, you can have the perfect chemistry right from the beginning, which means that casual sex will become an exciting moment for both sides.

Still, it is more likely to be awkward, mainly because you will not know what the other side wants, things, and enjoys. If something happens, you should take a break. Avoid taking things personally, and try to change position, which will help you ensure the best course of action.

  1. Talk About Your Dislikes and Likes

It is way better to communicate before sex about things you enjoy, instead of breaking your head and thinking about them throughout the intercourse. 

Therefore, you should not be afraid of stating your desires and thoughts, breaking the ice, and letting the other side do the same thing. 

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Besides, it would help if you ask direct questions about what your partner likes and dislikes. Honesty is essential, mainly because you will know what you are searching for, while it can be excellent and effective foreplay to ensure better enjoyment afterward. 

It would be best to share your thoughts and ideas because you may have similar interests. That way, you will have a perfect time, which is essential for either relationship and casual sex.