Interior Designing and Renovation: What You Can Choose

You plan to renovate and rearrange your interior. Know that to optimize your spaces, so that they are functional and aesthetic, it is preferable to select interior designers. As experts in renovation-decoration, they are in possession of all the tips for the arrangement of housing. But with the diversity of offers in the real estate market, on what criteria should you choose your architect?

Define your project to choose an interior designer

Long before you start looking for an interior designer, it is important to define your project. What does it consist of? What works to undertake? What budget do you have? What are your expectations in terms of style or design? These various questions will allow you to select, among the interior designers in your region, the most able to carry out your work.

Generally, all professional architects have the same generic interior renovation skills. However, everyone has a preferred style for which they are more qualified. Thus, it is recommended to require a portfolio so that you can see an overview of his achievements. It is by examining these previous designs that you might judge the suitability of her style to your needs.

So, as the prime contractor for your project, a good interior designer owes you their full attention. He will be in charge of making your dreams come true. Thus, communication is a key tool for the success of your collaboration. A professional who listens to his client strengthens the relationship of trust. This is essential for the smooth running and completion of your project.

Experience: a key criterion

It is important to remember that interior designers are not to be confused with interior designers. Be aware that their professional skills are not the same. Thus, they are not sanctioned by an identical diploma.

  • In your selection, it is recommended to favor an architect certified by the CFAI or UNAID. These are respectively the Council of Interior Architects and the National Union of Interior Architects. Indeed, such certification is the guarantee of the qualification and experience of this professional.
  • Whether you are looking for an interior designer, his experience is a determining factor in the choice. You can get information on the Internet by consulting different profiles and various customer reviews. Another alternative is to rely on word of mouth to find the right professional to hire.

You can use various channels to find a good professional. The Web is a perfect example. All you need to do is post an ad on social media, as many interior designers use these media to communicate. For a targeted search, refer to Google to find a professional in your area, or better yet, near your home.

You can also go for a recommended interior designer that has the network and connect to deliver you the design style of your liking.


What is the price of an interior designer?

The prices are flexible and set freely by the professional; whether he is an interior designer in Lyon or an interior designer in Île-de-France for example. Each craftsman sets the price of his service. Thus, the budget is an element that you would surely have to discuss with the craftsman.


The price of the service also varies depending on the reputation and experience of the chosen architect.As a professional in his field, the interior designer will adjust his project proposal to your budget. Also, it is best to always ask for a quote. The latter is normally free. Thus, you will be able to analyze and compare the different offers you have selected.