Everything You Need to Know About Portable Air Purifiers

Apart from the growing air pollution in urbanized communities islandwide, the presence of airborne bacteria and viruses poses yet another threat to our health and well-being. The air we breathe outside our homes and offices might not be as safe as it was years ago. Hence, keeping the indoor air clean and safe to breathe in is more crucial today than ever. Fortunately, the advancement of technology brought forth various helpful devices to help ensure good air quality indoors, one of which is the air filter.

Air filters are arguably one of the most effective devices to treat the air in a closed space. It is available in various sizes ranging from portable to a whole fixed system. While large building uses massive air filters, the portable ones can be carried around so you can conveniently use them wherever you go. In this article, we will discuss portable air purifiers in Singapore to get you guided should you plan on buying one soon.

What is a portable air purifier?

Portable air purifiers are compact portable air filters that can be the size of a necklace pendant or as big as a handbag. They can be carried around and often fits in your car, your tabletop or your bedside table, making them convenient for people who are always on the go or for office-goers while the threats of the pandemic are still at large. There are various types of filters used in portable air purifiers, each one has its pros and cons. It is crucial to know their differences to know which one you should invest in. Below are some of the most common filters:

·       Electrostatic Filter

Electrostatic filters are made of cotton and paper. Due to the nature of these materials, they create electrostatic energy when laid side by side. This electrostatic is similar to the effect when you rub a latex balloon with a wool cloth and it sticks to your hands. An electrostatic filter attracts dirt such as dust particles, pollen and other contaminants in the air. This filter for air ionizers is good for filtering macromolecules that often trigger allergies.

·       UV Filter

UV rays are always considered for their antibacterial properties. Many of the devices we use at home and in the workplace such as the air conditioner, the fridge and more are equipped with UV filters to rid of bacteria, viruses and even odour. When used in air filters, UV rays can effectively remove disease-causing germs from the air inside your home, car and workplace.

·       Carbon Filter

Carbon, or activated carbon to be more precise, is used for purification processes for a long time. The most common filter used for portable air purifiers, carbon filters can rid of the most common of air pollutants. The best part is that it is more affordable compared to other filters with more advanced technology.

·       HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter, it is one of the most advanced filters for air ionizers. In particular, HEPA Filters are the recommended filters for offices in America.

How to Find the Best Air Filter in Singapore?


Now that you know about the kinds of filters used for portable air purifiers, it is time to know which one will suit your needs and how to tell if you should buy the offer. If this is your first time buying an air filter or you have been disappointed with your previous purchases, below are some of the considerations that might help you.

·       Look for a reliable supplier

A reliable supplier can spell the difference between a good and a mediocre air ionizer. When buying an air filter, it is important to find a supplier that has been known for providing excellent products or authentic ones from various manufacturers. Opting for an experienced supplier can also help you when there is an issue to address or a slight problem with your purchased product.

·       Pick the right size

It is also very important to pick the right size when choosing a portable air purifier. Most of the time, your purchase becomes regretful because it wouldn’t fit on your table or on your car’s dashboard. While it is true that large air filters have more filtration capacity, there are plenty of very compact filters that can do the same performance.

·       Know your requirements

Do you need an air filter that can manage even the odour inside your car? Do you need an anti-allergy filter or an ordinary one? These are crucial questions to ask when buying an air filter. If you know what you are looking for, it will be easy for you to find the right product that will be worth investing in.

·       Compare Prices

When you are looking for an affordable air ionizer, you do not necessarily need to compromise on the quality. Not all that is cheap is worth buying. Always remember that buying a new one over and over will lead to bigger expenses than investing in a good one. The best way to do this is to compare the prices.

·       Read Reviews and Recommendations

There are now plenty of product reviews online, some are even detailed and include recommendations and alternatives. Try to read the reviews for your prospective products before purchasing.

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