Colors that look fantastic on brunettes this fall

Autumn is here, and it is finally time to dig out all our clothes from the depths of the closet and to start creating new, inspiring outfits. It is important to know your precise complexion, because once you learn how to correctly choose your suitable colors, you will create stunning combinations that will make you stand out even if you are just wearing jeans and a sweater. If you are a brunette and are looking for some color inspiration for this season, here are a few hues that will look fantastic on you this fall:


Latte is a light beige hue that flatters brunettes, particularly those with deeper, bronzer skin tones, by emphasizing the contrast between their clothing and their complexion. Wear it alone in a monochrome outfit or with brighter hues like dusty rose to make a more intriguing appearance. A latte shirt is a great alternative to a conventional white one since it fits you better and creates a more natural, relaxing look.

Sage green

Sage green is a tranquil deep green hue that is quite excellent for brunettes since it highlights their dark hair. It is one of the newest seasons’ trends. This neutral color, which is neither cool nor warm, is the go-to pick for designing nearly any outfit, from formal to casual. It’s a great color to pair with other brighter hues like deep red, blue, and fuchsia. Experiment with different textures for example by wearing a sage green satin dress or a sturdy, oversized blazer.

Leprechaun green

Another shade of green that is very trendy this autumn, leprechaun was actually named one of the colors of the year by Pantone. A rich shade of green, it is excellent for brunettes, especially the ones with pale skin, because it looks very advantageous on them and enhances their complexion. It can be used as a focal point of an outfit, for example by wearing a leprechaun coat or jumper, such as a traditional Irish sweater from Tara Irish Clothing that will not only complement your appearance, but also make you more connected to the color’s origins.

Walnut brown

Autumn is the perfect weather to wear brown, earthy tones, and if you are a brunette, consider wearing walnut brown this season, especially if you like the Dark Academia aesthetic and are looking to put together unique outfits for this school year.  Walnut brown is a perfect alternative for basic black accessories such as Oxford shoes and purses, because it adds a bit more color to the looks, and it can also be used in knitted garments such as jumpers and sleeveless sweaters that are so popular right now. 

Wheat brown

Last, but not least, wheat brown is a color that resembles the light yellow of the wheat grain. Although it is perfectly suited for hot summer months, it looks especially beautiful in the autumn, when the weather is cold and rainy and you want to wear something warm and bright.  A wheat brown trench coat is the best purchase that you can make this autumn. Thin cashmere turtlenecks, sweaters, velvet trousers, and silk midi skirts all look wonderful in this color.