How do I prepare optics for class 12 CBSE physics in 1 day?

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Physics is not an easy subject and cannot be taken lightly. It must be prepared well from day one if a person wishes to score marks in this subject. There are many chapters on this subject and one of them is Optics. This chapter is included in the class 12 syllabus for the class 12th Board Examination. This Chapter can be prepared by the students in a short span of 7 days but not in one day that too with constant commitment and dedication in completing it because after the student has finished studying, revision needs to be done as well as time should be managed for practicing of derivations and the numerical in this Chapter and the given examples. With daily studying of this particular chapter, the students can finish the chapter with ease in 7 days with complete studying and revision with no stress of last-minute preparation and need not panic during the examination. Studying for one day can be hectic as well as students will not get the exact time scale required for learning the concepts properly.

Some suggestions that can be made is that students should make a proper routine as to when he or she will start studying this chapter. Proper details of what this chapter contains are needed as the students can make a proper routine of how to divide the time so as to finish the chapter accordingly covering all the important topics included in this chapter with no repetition of the same otherwise it will take their time.

After the framing of the routine, the student must be thorough with all the topics included in this chapter before going for in-depth and by heart studying which can help one in scoring good marks in this subject. Optics is an important chapter and needs to be studied well if the student does not want to miss a chance or opportunity of scoring good grades in this particular subject.

Proper textbook and guide books must be properly selected by the students that can help them in the process of their preparation. There are some books that have been recommended and one of them is the NCERT textbook and their help books which have been written and published according to the syllabus of the subject, Physics, for Class 12 CBSE. Once the students are thorough with the NCERT textbook which is the ultimate key in the process of preparation, it is enough to boost their confidence in appearing their examination for this particular topic. Once the student has finished or completed the chapter Optics from the NCERT textbook and has read it properly that is studying line by line with a clear understanding of different concepts and also remembering all the important points needed, it is more than enough. The book may seem lengthy and contains a lot of things, but the students should mark and underline the important ones, and if it is possible, they should try to remember them by heart so that it becomes easier for them during their examination.

Some of the suggestions on important topics that the students need to focus on and concentrate more covered in this Chapter are as follows:-

  1. The students must focus or put more effort into the formulation part, the Ray diagrams that are there in this chapter, and practice all the solved problems as well as the unsolved Numerical from the NCERT textbook. They can easily scorealmost half of the totalby covering these topics alone. From this alone around 5/14, the students can easily score.
  2. Other important ones include the practicing of Ray diagrams related toa Simple microscope as well asa compound microscope and telescope. These may include 6–7 different types of Numerical. Another half can be easily scored from this part.
  3. On Wave optics, all the derivations need to be practiced and the problems need to be solved especially the basic ones like the derivations of YDSE and Single slit will do. A minimum of 3 marks can be scored out of 14 if you know these derivations and solved problems.
  4. A numerical on Law of Malus also needs to be known.
  5. With these, one can easily score 13/14 from this chapter.

Important question:What is effect on the interference fringes in a Young’s double slit experiment due to each of the following operations?

These are some topics that are not that hard to understand but need proper understanding and extra effort in order to obtain full marks from this. The above are some important topics that are suggested by toppers and experts in this area and the students need to understand. The students can focus on the above along with constant and daily practicing of the derivations until they become familiar. Also, the definitions are required from concepts clearance.Knowing the concepts of each topic properly is much required so that the students can attempt questions with ease.