Win your clients with basic business card designs

A Selection of Creative Ideas for Business Card Design | Logaster

Believe it or not, business cards play a key role in getting us more clients and broadening our circle of opportunities, as they are many times our first impression on a potential client. Thus it will be a great blunder to underestimate their value. They were not only important when most businesses were offline but also in today’s digital world where people have got no time. They were important ten years ago and they still are and will always be.  Thus, in this case, a business card comes handy.

 You just need to use them carefully and even that small business card can do wonders for you.  Before choosing a business card for your company you need to know some very basic things. Keeping this in mind, in this article we are going to talk about basic business card design and the important characteristics:

  • Before getting into designs, we need to choose the perfect shape for your business card and since here we are talking particularly about basic business card designs, we have two options i.e. horizontal or vertical. 
  • We should keep in mind that there are more variety of templates and designs available in the vertical business card. As they have become popular in recent years, the manufacturers have started keeping several vertical business card templates.
  •  The reason behind vertical business cards becoming more popular is that they give more space for text and nowadays as everything has gone digital people need to mention their websites, blogs, social media links, etc. But it is totally up to you whatever works best for representing your company.
  • The second important quality of a basic business card design is its logo. You need to print the logo of your company on the card, as that is something that represents your company.
  • Last but not least it is very important to keep select the best quality of paper for your business card because people judge you on your little things. With a wide variety available in the market, you can go with a matt finish or a shiny one but never compromise with the quality of your card.