Why Should You Consider a Smart Phone Subscription Plan in Singapore  


By this time, there might be more digital devices than people in any developed country. And in tech-savvy Singapore, you might not be surprised to know that. Many people have separate devices for work, play, personal matters, and other purposes. The same goes for specific gadgets like phones. With the rise of the smart phone in Singapore, you might be astonished to dig deep and discover how many models, features, and styles are out there for you to discover. You can find one at almost every price point you can imagine.

But one thing is certain—you will not be able to obtain the most cutting-edge technology (or the latest models of popular phone brands) if you do not spend the money to do so. Unfortunately, high-end brands can get quite expensive. Take iPhones, for example. Brand new iPhone models can retail for thousands of dollars, which might be a little unrealistic for someone who does not want nor have the time to save money.

You can find a better solution than painstakingly saving up for a phone, only to find out that the model you want is obsolete already. You can try a phone subscription service. Device subscriptions are increasingly popular nowadays among working adults and other groups who need their phones for various reasons.

Why do people need smartphone subscriptions?

In today’s world, a good phone is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Various reasons will make you stop to ponder why you need a good phone. Here are some reasons why you (and many other people) need affordable smart phones.

1) You want the latest technology for entertainment

While not necessarily a basic need, technology has become one of our primary means of entertaining ourselves. Games, music, and videos are all within reach when you find a decent smartphone. And if you want to download many movies into your library or play high graphics games on your phone, you will need a lot more than just middle-line electronics. You need an affordable way to find smartphones that can handle your entertainment needs. Modern smartphones can store up to a terabyte of data and handle some demanding graphics.

2) You want something for communicating with family and friends

Phones have been used way back for the sole purpose of communicating with others. Now, with over 90% of Singapore carrying phones, do not ignore the phone type you need. Look for the right phone for your calling needs. Make sure that your phones can handle the requirements of your lifestyle or entertainment needs, too.

3) You want to get a phone with the latest camera settings

One of the most exciting things that Apple releases about the iPhone in Singapore is the camera specifications that they provide for their gadgets. Modern phones have many features that can rival even professional cameras in some areas. Their features can make video blogging, picture taking, and live streaming much more accessible to you.

4) You want the latest model

Some people’s reasons for considering a phone subscription service are simple. They only want the latest models to enjoy and use while out and about. Wanting to use and play with later-model phones can be a freeing experience for some who have obsolete phones. Others may only want to change their phones regularly so they may stay updated with the latest settings.

5) Your current phone cannot handle your current phone usage

Similar to the reasons above, your current phone may not be able to handle how you use or interact with it anymore. Sometimes, they slow down to the point that using them will only frustrate you. Compared to the fast brands available on the market, why not use a phone subscription service to get the latest phones instead?

6) You want to give that device a test run

Suppose you do have enough money to buy your chosen phone, but you are sceptical about what quality it has or whether the phone is the right fit for you. Then you can try something like an iPhone subscription plan to help you get the most information out of the new phone. A subscription plan lets you use your phone for a few months to a year depending on the contract, and by the end of your subscription period, you should know if you want your phone.

7) You want a subscription plan that leads you to own that device

Subscription plans are not all temporary. Some subscription plans you may come across have the pay-to-own scheme, which is like instalment payments each month until you own your device. During the subscription period, you may have to abide by the rules of your provider, however.

Signing up for a subscription plan



If you have decided to sign up for a subscription plan, please do so responsibly. Many people in Singapore claim to loan affordable smart phones but do not give their loaner good terms and conditions. Here are some important tips for ensuring your safety and getting the best deal possible.

1) Compare their rental prices to other services

While finding cheap phones may look promising, check the quality of service and products in other companies first. Do not make a hasty decision when you are buying electronics. You might fall for a scam.

2) Look through their terms of service and agreements

We cannot emphasise enough how important reading the rental contract is. Some companies lock you in for long periods like 2 years, forcing you to pay for a subscription well after you need it. Also, check out their payment schemes and whether you benefit from them.

3) See customer reviews

What people say about their subscription plans tells you a lot about the company.

Your dream phone does not have to be out of reach. Test out your new device with an iPhone subscription plan that anyone can enjoy. Check out their website for more details.