What It Means To Conduct Virtual Event in Singapore



Conducting a virtual event in Singapore took its flight soaring during the pandemic. However, what most people don’t know is that it already existed even before as a way to elevate technological experiences.

While you may think online is not an effective way to gather people, think of all the days you always seem to wind up using your phones or laptops. It’s not a big deal if individuals turn up at the designated time and participate in the events that have been scheduled. Everything about the in-person event, except you, may attend at home.

However, as a planner, aside from having an event management system to guide you, how can you know which platform is appropriate for your unique needs when there are so many options?

How Does Virtual Event Work?

A virtual event makes it possible to simulate the atmosphere of an actual conference or trade show. People can participate in virtual events to interact, share ideas and create. It does not require you to purchase a platform since a virtual event company in Singapore can assist you in setting up everything you need.

What makes a virtual event so appealing is the opportunity to showcase new and exciting products and connect with industry leaders. It doesn’t require anyone to travel a thousand miles to see a show or experience it first-hand.

A virtual event in Singapore is also seen as a meeting opportunity to expand your network locally and internationally. Regardless of the type of event you’re presenting and the target demographic you want to reach, it will be able to reach your goals and needs.

What Can You Do In A Virtual Event?


1. Conduct a Q&A

Participants can ask presenters and facilitators questions at precise points during a virtual event using an interactive Q&A system. If you have a virtual event organiser in Singapore, you can always request this to be part of your program to increase audience engagement.

2. Have meaningful conversations

Being in a virtual event allows you to communicate with each other and presenters and administrators. You can talk to anyone you find interesting to have a conversation with.

3. Join interactive activities

Being in a virtual event in Singapore means you don’t only watch people talk or scroll down; you can also join interactive events. It can give you a hands-on learning experience.

4. Watch live talks

Partnering with a virtual event company in Singapore means you also get the chance to showcase your products or services. You can host and broadcast your session to all your participants. It also has the option to share it to other online platforms that your company uses.

5. Personalise your experience

Personalisation makes events feel more like they’re happening in the actual world. For companies who prefer to have a virtual event organiser in Singapore, you can add forms and widgets of your choice and choose colours, photos, and logos that match your identity.

What To Check In A Virtual Event Platform?


1. Worth your investment

Attending events in person and virtually is critical for getting the complete image of your entire calendar of activities and ensuring that you aren’t missing any details. A good event management system should be able to handle all of your events, regardless of whether they are virtual, in-person, or a hybrid of the three.

2. Organise

Make sure you choose a virtual event company in Singapore that provides a platform with features like invitations and registration. You’ll need a system that allows you to gather all of your attendance information in one location.

3. User-friendly

Since not every online user is familiar with the virtual event process in Singapore, choose a platform that is simple to use for any age. It’s also important to make sure that your attendees have an easy time navigating the system. An online environment is far more difficult than a face-to-face one to keep people’s interests.

4. Real-time reports

It’s ideal to choose a platform that can provide you with the option to go live, pre-record, get information on upcoming events and personal schedules, have a survey and be able to measure ROI.

Choose a virtual event organiser in Singapore that can give you data to help you evaluate where you went wrong and what you need to improve.

5. Engaging features

Attending conferences and exhibitions is to meet and connect with other individuals who share their interests. It’s no secret that everyone has a short attention span, so make sure you work with a virtual event company in Singapore that can help you solve this. Their application should know how to facilitate engagement.

How Do You Get Your Participants To Join Your Virtual Event?


1. Know the event’s purpose

Before anything else, you must consider how your attendees will feel during the event. What kind of experience do you have in mind for your attendees? A platform with extensive interaction tools will be better if you aim to keep them staying until the end.

2. Choose what features you want

When you partner with a virtual event company in Singapore, they will ask you what features you want to include. Various platforms are designed specifically for participation, and tools like polls and Q&A can help keep your audience interested and involved. You must know how they work and how you can make the most out of them.

3. Identify the benefits

What can they expect to experience? A virtual event in Singapore will only be successful if your participants know what they are joining for.

4. Elevate your marketing strategy

It’s no different than any other marketing strategy for getting people pumped up about your event and making it a top priority for them. Consider providing them with offers that they can’t say no to. Create a campaign to tempt, persuade, and excite your target market.

5. Keep all your communications open

The best way to keep your audience interested is to make your company accessible. You can do it through a well-thought-out communication plan that begins with registration and lasts through the event.

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