What Is Sustainable Condo Interior Design In Singapore?


As the world faces the climate change challenge today, we are given a choice to live a sustainable lifestyle for a comfortable and liveable environment for the future generation. Taking part in an eco-friendly lifestyle is the interior design company in Singapore.

Many interior design services in Singapore now consider the sustainability of a home interior design, from the home layout to the fixtures. They accomplish environmentally-friendly designs without compromising and sacrificing the overall architecture, aesthetics, and function of the home spaces.

Besides sustainableresidential interior design in Singapore, many interior design companies also incorporate sustainability in public spaces, private offices, and other commercial establishments. Continue reading to learn more about sustainable interior designs.

The Beginners Guide To Sustainable Interior Design In Singapore

The simplest definition of sustainability is meeting our current needs without compromising the ability of the next generation to meet their social, economic, and ecological needs.

What is sustainable design?

Interior design services in Singapore incorporate the principle of sustainability into interior designs by coming up with designs with reduced negative effects on the environment, comfort, and health of the residents and the rest of the community.

What are the primary goals and objectives of sustainable design?

The basic objectives of a sustainable condo interior design in Singapore are siteoptimisation, energy use management, protection and conservation of natural resources, preference for sustainable products, and indoor environment quality enhancement.

●    Site optimisation

Instead of converting agricultural and barren lands, site optimisation aims to reuse existing buildings.

Additionally,interior design services and developers in Singapore also consider the impact of the developments on the ecosystem of the chosen location, such as transportation methods, energy resources, and demographics.

●    Energy use management

Sustainable residential interior design in Singapore relies on greener and renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy.

Moreover, energy conservation also means using energy-efficient methods and technology in the design, such as natural ventilation.

●    Protection and conservation of natural resources

Protection and conservation of freshwater involve efficient water use, reusing and recycling water, and controlled water consumption.

●    Preference for sustainable products

As much as possible,interior design services and developers in Singaporeuse materials that have less impact on the environment during production. Instead of investing in low-quality materials, sustainable designs prefer using high-quality materials that last long.

●     Indoor environment quality enhancement

The comfort, safety, flexibility, and productivity of the condo interior design in Singapore must not be compromised while achieving the first four objectives.

Who can have a sustainable interior design?

Everyone can achieve a sustainable interior design. Many individuals opt for condo interior design in Singapore.Some residential landed homes are also looking into sustainable design.

Government departments and offices may also apply the sustainability design objectives in their projects, such as public and recreational spaces construction, housing, and facilities, like schools and hospitals.

Private companies and corporations also apply these goals in their offices and commercial establishments.

Now that you know the basics of sustainable interior design, one question remains: how can you achieve sustainableresidential interior design in Singapore? Continue reading to find out the answer.


How To Achieve A Sustainable Interior Design In Singapore

As the world now recognises the need for immediate action to protect the environment, manyinterior design services in Singapore now incorporate the concept and objectives in their design. Thus, sustainable interior design is now more available and achievable than before!

If you aim to have an eco-friendly residential interior design in Singapore, you must consider these factors:

Consider the energy efficiency of the design.

The list of primary objectives of sustainable interior design includes energy use management. You can achieve this goal by guaranteeing your interior design is energy efficient.

Firstly, you can improve efficient energy use by utilising the design for thermal insulation and lighting advantage.

Instead of using air conditioners–which also contribute to carbon emission and power consumption–the home layout andcondo interior design in Singaporemay favourcreating more windows. The more the windows, the better indoor ventilation.

Interior designers also use textiles that hold the cold temperature inside while keeping the heat outdoors.

Windows are also the best source of natural light during the day.

Secondly, you can improve efficient energy use by using inverter appliances. Instead of using typical fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, you can opt for LED lights.

Consider the environmental impact of the design.

Sourcing your materials also has an environmental impact.

For example, opting for new furniture made of hardwood can mean patronising deforestation and logging. Forests play an essential role in maintaining the wildlife, keeping the ecosystem balanced, and providing oxygen supply. Instead of hardwood, you can choose plants and trees that grow fast, like bamboos.

Additionally, if you strongly prefer hardwood, make sure you are sourcing it from farms that manage, harvest, and plant trees responsibly.

Moreover, when it comes to production, ensure that the materials you will use are produced in a less-destructive way, environment-wise. Instead of importing materials, choose local products for your condo interior design in Singapore.

Consider your waste

Although materials, such as wood, plastics, and textiles, except metals and stone, are renewable resources, they don’t permit us to discard them irresponsibly.

Pick a less wastefulresidential interior design in Singapore. Minimalist interior design is a prime example of almost wasteless interior design.

Instead of purchasing new fittings, try to recycle and upcycle old furniture.

Consider the longevity of your interior design.

Prioritising the longevity of your interior design is one way to reduce your waste.

Many interior design services in Singapore come up with a flexible interior design that is timeless and adaptive to trendy styles. These designs only need minor modifications and changes instead of a complete interior overhaul.

The quality of the material also contributes to the longevity of the interior design. Investing in fittings with proven durable craftsmanship and long-lasting quality will save you money and reduce your waste.


Helping the environment starts at home. And truly enough, a sustainable interior design is a drastic help for the ecosystem an individual, family, and business can make. With the support ofinterior design services in Singapore, we can achieve sustainable private and public spaces.

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