Test your gaming skills and win real money on Playship and GetMega app

Gaming apps are the ones that can give us real pleasure while enhancing our gaming skills. There are numerous apps that can give you the opportunity to earn some real money as well in your leisure hours. Earn real money in Playship and GetMega while testing your gaming skills. Here, we will discuss how you can do it.

About Playship

On this app, you can easily enjoy a wide range of cash games and get your favorite formats. You can choose any type of card game here as well. This app is different from the other gaming apps in a lot of ways. Some of its special features are:

Features of Playship online gaming app

  • On this skill-based E-sports platform, you can also participate in various live gaming tournaments for free and win cash. 
  • It is a well-known site that has more than a million users, who can easily demonstrate their knowledge. 
  • Every match has a variety of contests that can give you cash prizes totaling hundreds of dollars. 
  • One can also form his/her own teams of players to compete in those gaming competitions. 
  • As the live matches begin, the team you chose will start scoring points on the basis of their actual performances. 
  • At the completion of the match, the final standing, points, and winners will be declared along with their ranks on the leaderboard.
  • You can easily withdraw your real money from this site as well. 
  • Playship only accepts the actual gamers, as those persons will be identified by their Facebook profile and mobile number. Their Facebook pictures may be used to verify them properly. 
  • This special gaming platform is able to accommodate any number of players. 
  • One can easily join any type of game just by selecting it and tapping on it. 
  • You can enter any contest as per your choice and play with yourself or with the best two players.
  • This app offers as much security and safety as possible to the players. Also, it is a certified app.

So, from these above-mentioned points is the evidence that you can easily enhance your gaming skills while playing some thrilling games and win a good amount of money on this app known as Playship.

About GetMega

GetMega is another amazing app on which you can play real games and win money in a secure way. Just like Playship, GetMega has some of its own unique features that can help you to trust this app completely. Some of those features are:

Features of GetMega

  • The players that GetMega has are all verified users who are verified with their Facebook profile and mobile number. The players also can be verified with the help of their Facebook photos.
  • GetMega allows only real users and not bots. 
  • GetMega has more than 5,000,000 Signups, more than 10,000 Daily Active players, and more than 50,000 Monthly Active Players.
  • GetMega offers numerous exciting games within 3 main categories such as Trivia, Cards, Casual.
  • The games that fall in Trivia Category are GoPool, Carrom, Warship, ABC Rummy, Dots, and Dash, etc.
  • The games in the Trivia Category are PickMe, 123, and GK.
  • The games in the Cards category are Poker and Rummy.
  • Another amazing feature of GetMega is that it allows video chat features. You can easily view good-quality video and sound while playing games.  Here you can get to play 8 games with these amazing video-chat features. 
  • GetMega is a 100% verified and safe gaming app. 

Therefore, both these online gaming apps Playship and GetMega offer you the chance to enhance your gaming skills as well as win some real money in a safe and secured way.