How to Put a Condom on Correctly for Safe Sex

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Putting on a condom is a simple task, once you know the proper technique. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes as easy as riding a bicycle.

If you find yourself unsure about how to put on a condom, don’t worry. This five-point cheat sheet will guide you through the correct steps to ensure safe usage.

Before diving in, have you chosen the right condom?

Hold on a second –– before embarking on your intimate adventure, have you carefully chosen your condom? It’s not just about grabbing the first one off the shelf. Consider the size, the shape, and even the flavor. Remember, variety is the spice of life, and what suits one individual may not suit another.

You don’t want to be caught up in the moment, only to discover that the fit isn’t perfect.

So, before we delve deeper, let’s ensure you’ve selected a condom that provides both comfort and security.

1. Check the expiry date

Begin by inspecting the expiration date, clearly marked on the condom’s packaging or box. Remember, while condoms have a considerable shelf life, they aren’t eternal. Think about it: would you consume mayonnaise past its best-by date? Hopefully not. The same caution applies to protective gear.

Additionally, if you notice the packaging has any tears, or if the condom might have been subjected to extreme temperatures (perhaps it’s been in your car’s glovebox for an extended period), it’s best to discard it. This isn’t a game of chance you want to play.

2. Open carefully

To open the condom package, always utilize your fingers, avoiding sharp objects like scissors or teeth. A useful tip is to shift the condom to one end of the wrapper, then gently tear from the opposite corner where there’s a bit more leeway.

If you happen to rip the condom while handling, it’s not salvageable. Simply opt for a new one and start again. Regardless of the number of attempts, if a condom gets damaged, always replace it.

And while we’re discussing the right approach, be wary of myths and misconceptions. Heard the one from your hockey teammate about doubling up on condoms for extra protection? Well, that’s a prime example of what we’d term “misguided intimate advice.” It’s great you’re seeking accurate information.

3. Make sure you roll in the right direction

When applying a condom, the tip should resemble a small hat, pointing upwards. As you unroll, the rim should remain visible on the outside of the latex, not tucked underneath. If you’re trying to roll a condom that’s inside out, you’ll find it more challenging, and it might not provide full coverage.

A handy tip, especially for brands like Durex, is that the logo on the wrapper is always facing up. This can serve as a quick reference!

But on a serious note, if a condom is rolled on inside out, it’s at risk of slipping off during intercourse. That’s a situation best avoided for everyone’s sake.

4. Squeeze the tip of condom & roll on

Lightly press the tip of the condom (mind those nails!) and position it on the tip of your erect penis. Then, smoothly unroll it down to the base.

Why press the tip? It’s to ensure there’s a small reservoir for semen while simultaneously eliminating any trapped air. Excess air could compromise the condom’s effectiveness, but this is an easily avoidable issue.

PRO TIP: Should you mistakenly unroll the condom in the wrong orientation at first, discard it and start afresh with a new one. Safety first!

5. Discard condom

Immediately after intimacy, grasp the base of the condom while withdrawing from your partner. Ideally, do this before losing your erection to prevent any semen leakage. Once removed, knot the condom and dispose of it in the trash.

Remember: practice makes perfect pleasure!

That’s the proper method to wear a condom. Mistakes can happen to anyone, so if something goes awry, simply take a new condom and start over. Ultimately, the goal is for both you and your partner to have a pleasurable experience –– with utmost safety in mind.