How to Observe and Manage CBD Tolerance to Avoid Addiction

CBD has taken over all of the US markets. It is a miracle produced by Nature. It helps in alleviating pain, anxiety, stress, depression, mood swings, treats seizures, after-effects of chemotherapy, arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc. Whether you consume it as a capsule, a sublingual drop, and inhalation or intravenous, they all have the same effect on the human body, only the dosage differs.

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Let’s be frank, people hardly consult doctors as much as they trust peers and friends. You must have tried the first dose of CBD in small quantities as suggested by friends or peers. You instantly loved its effect and were hooked to it. Gradually, you start adding it to your daily routine because you love its effect. However, after few days or maybe months, you may find that the same dose is not leaving the same effect as before, so you start increasing it. This means it has broken your tolerance.

What is tolerance?

Tolerance is the procedure in which an individual has to increases his or her dosage to get the same effect that they received with the first dose. Tolerance is different from addiction. Addiction or dependence is the uncontrollable use of drugs. Tolerance formation can happen due to multiple reasons –

  • Cellular tolerance is when cells become less responsive to the compound.
  • Metabolic tolerance when an adequate amount of compound is not reaching its destination.
  • Behavioral tolerance is when the recipient is getting habituated to the substance’s effect.

Tolerance Effect on CBD and THC

Tolerance is affected by the weight and body mass of an individual. Even the dosage depends upon a person’s metabolism and body weight. Cannabis tolerance is similar to alcohol. When a person starts alcohol they get high in one or two drinks, gradually the number of drinks increases because of their tolerance. Similarly, doctors recommend starting CBD with low dosage initially and increasing with tolerance.

Another example is the effect of THC and how fast your body adapts its entourage effect. The psychoactive effect of THC helps the endocannabinoid system to maintain regulation between mind and body. When we consume THC it affects our body and mind by binding with CB1 receptors. This receptor connects to various other components in eCBs like 2-AG and anandamide. When we consume THC we get a psychoactive effect that leaves us ‘high’ thereby controlling the feeling of pain, stress, sleep, appetite.

With regular consumption of THC, your body will limit the effect of THC. Your brain weakens and retracts the CB1 receptors making it less intense. So you start increasing dosage which is called tolerance.

If you’re using CBD regularly, your tolerance will become less with time. Our human body is flexible and therefore we can increase our dosage to an extent so that we get the effect similar to the first dose. Only you would know how much you’re affected by THC and cannabis. Dot increases your dose to a level where your mind stops working and you’re unable to follow a daily routine.