How to Choose the Right Car Insurance Policy

Car insurance is a policy that covers all the expenses of the policyholder in case they face an accident. Right from the damaging cost of the property to medical expenses, the insurance company will pay for everything. In Singapore, car insurance is mandatory. Every car owner has to avail of the request for the car insurance policy before driving on the road. There are plenty of insurance companies that are willing to offer different types of car insurance plans at the best premium rates. But, you have to choose the right company that offers you the right car insurance plan. Different companies offer different policies, and their quotes are also different. It is a tedious task for the car owner to choose the car insurance policy that perfectly matches his requirements and affordability. In this blog, we will tell you the procedure to choose the right car insurance policy.

Types of Car Insurance Policies in Singapore:

The following are the main car insurance policies in Singapore-

Third-Party Only: As the name refers, these types of car insurance policies are designed to cover the third party damage car expenses. In case if you face an accident, the company will pay the damaging cost of the third party, not yours. The premium of these policies is relatively lower than in other policies because of fewer features and benefits. If you drive an old car or purchase a second-hand car then the third party only is the right insurance policy for you.

Third-Party Fire and Theft: It’s a slightly upgraded version of the third party only. These kinds of car insurance policies cover the cost that is due to theft and fire along with the third party coverage. The premium of this policy is relatively higher than a third party, only a car insurance policy.

Comprehensive Coverage: These types of car insurance policies are designed to offer comprehensive coverage to the policyholder. The company will cover not only the expenses of the policyholder but also the third party. Whether the damage occurs due to accidents, natural calamities, theft, and fire, the company will cover the expenses. These kinds of policies are the best for commercial car owners. The premium rates of comprehensive car insurance policies are high due to features and benefits.

Tips for Choosing the Best Car Insurance Policy:

The following are the tips that will take you to the right car insurance policy:

Select The Right Form Of Cover: There are three types of coverage, the third party only, theft and fire third party only, and comprehensive coverage. As per the requirements and affordability, choose the right form of cover.

Compare: Once you choose the form of cover, now select the top three car insurance companies online and ask for the quotes. As soon as you get the quotes, compare them, and choose the company that is offering you the best car insurance plans at the best premium rates.

Look for The Discounts: There are many car insurances companies online that offer you the discount if your driving record is clean, you keep safety measures in your car and drive in the right way.

Check the Claim Process: It is one of the hectic tasks. Although, every car insurance company promises you to offer a straightforward claim process. But, at the time of claiming they make delays. You have to read the terms and conditions of the insurance plan and check the claim process.

Check Renewal Process: After the policy period is completed, you need to opt for the renewal process to retain the policy active. Before availing the request for the car insurance checks the renewal process as well.

How to Apply for Car Insurance Online?

Applying for car insurance is a hassle-free process when you are clear with the idea of what to do. All you need is to do, go to the site, click on the registration page. Create an account and then click on the right insurance policy. Fill the application form and submit it along with the documents. As soon as the company receives your application, it will receive and proceed with it for approval. The company will acknowledge you about the approval through an email and request you to activate the policy by paying online.

Final Say:

Car insurance is mandatory in Singapore. It saves you money and allows you to drive a car with peace of mind. The company will reduce your premium if you become successful in maintaining a good driving record. If you follow the steps mentioned above you will surely get the right insurance policy. HLAS Insurance is also one of the leading and highly reputed car insurance companies that offer you a wide variety of car insurance policies at the best premium rates.