Getting free spins on slots

When playing slots on an situs slot online,  there are two main ways that you can be able to get free spins from the online casinos. You can be able to get them through online casino promotion or from having to play the slot game itself.

Free spins as a feature that is in-game

There are many slot games which happen to have free spins as a feature for bonus which is part of the game itself.  The following are some of the ways that you can be able to typically earn free spins during the slot machine game.

  • When over three scatter symbols happen to appear on the reels
  • If the game has the option of the random free spin
  • It is possible to play bonus games or the mini-games which offer free spins as one of the prize options
  • There are some games which have the cascading reels and you can be in a position to earn the free spins if the same spin wins several times.

The in-game free spins are based typically on the stake amounts which you bet on when you earned the free slot spins. An example is where you bet two coins then the free spins would end up being worth two coins per each spin. When you use $1 to bet per each pay line, then that amount will be matched to the free spin. The free spin that you will get will be worth more when you are betting using the max amount and playing on all the paylines. You need to bet as much as possible, but you don’t have to waste your bankroll betting the max if it is not large enough to be able to handle such types of bets. Because if you do so, you will be misusing your bankroll