Fusion Reactor And Innocent Solids

The primary idea for almost any fusion reactor could be a resonance of laser sun sun sun rays plus a handful of other elementary particles torrents while using the nucleus in the hydrogen atom. The proportion within the resonance might be ordinary, golden or harmonic – ½, 2/3, 3/5, etc or 1, 3, 4, 7, 11, 18, 29 and so forth. Harmonics are ratios of distant Fibonacci figures. The amount of the harmonic is the amount of steps between Fibonacci figures it compares. Each harmonic could be the sum previous two.

The dwelling within the reactor must be produced by Innocent Solids. A cube is its basis. A dodecahedron along with an icosahedron must be described around it along with an octahedron and tetrahedron must be grew to become part of inside. Faces within the polyhedrons must be helpful for any circular household current obtaining a vertical based magnetic vector for that center. To compress plasma for that maximum stage every which way evenly. The vertices – for lasers and emitters. A cube is earth, particles, a tetrahedron is fire, light. An octahedron is dual having a cube, a tetrahedron is dual to itself.

A torr reactor is possible too, nonetheless it has to possess a 12 phase (or 12xn) cycle like zodiac as well as other polygon like decagon as being a reason for its rhythm. Owing to no cycle rhythm plasma is unstable. It’s going from the magnetic traps. Energy is not interested in forms with this particular is formless naturally and forms are its opposite. Plasma or fire is a component of freedom and creativeness. It’ll work only if it wants it itself. Like Sagittarius, a hearth sign. The easiest method to control plasma should be to allow it to freely disappear within the jet. Along a laser ignition ray. Round the spaceship or even an plane.

Six laser sun sun sun rays, symmetrical around one central empty funnel, become a pump. They might proceed any elementary particles or substances. For instance, nuclear fuel having a small but effective uranium or plutonium reactor, compressing it for that temperature, required for that ignition in the squence of occasions. Regarding the reactor medicine similar to for fusion – Innocent Solids.

Laser pump may be used in a annihilation photon engine too. For the transportation of anti-matter for that focus in the paraboloid, which reflects parallel sun sun sun rays regarding. Antimatter may be created within the reverse process using the crossing of effective laser sun sun sun rays in the catalyst substance within the Innocent Solids magnetic trap. Then it may be accrued there and conserved for future utilized in space. A extended way from usual causes of energy. This type of accumulator is a lot more effective than every other. And could open for photon ships all planets inside our system employing their wealthy natural sources for economical use. Leading mankind from your isolated planet for that nearest space and preparing the following stage of technological evolution – the invention of astral starships. Bouncing to other stars through multidimensional space.

This teleportation phenomenon needs a high vitality in a small space. For energy may be the method of getting matter, its condensation, and may revert substance from health to aetheral and astral, light. This is a multidimensional simplex, forecasted for that tetrahedron of electromagnetic waves. Its vertices are photons disappearing from one another with equal speeds when the grows precisely using the theory of relativity. The cube is physical space. The dodecahedron is nearest for that sphere of real physical fields that is condensed energy, switched into substance at the development of the earth. Quarks are triangular faces of polyhedrons. Ordinary particles are projections of divine multidimensional light for the human three-dimensional physical world.

Teleportation breakthrough requires a carbon fusion reaction much like stars across the second stage in the development. Such fusion reactor needs annihilation of antimatter in a single focus in the stationary ellipsoid reactor. Another focus is fantastic for power light energy, reflected within the internal surface, and ignition of fusion. Quarks as primary particles are near to primary subtle vitality and it is influenced by a subtle energy generator with the teleportation leap. Developing a 5-dimensional astral funnel, which finally opens space for the needed distant connection of three-dimensional spaces of several stars. While using light simplex as being a photon ray or maybe a quark torrent, which in astral is comparable.