Mike Prieto The apparent approach to HP Storage Integration

China had been the global second largest economy, it’s the advancement of storage vendors give a broad market space. Storage manufacturers, as extended because the policy correctly, like next 2 to 3 a lengthy time for you to keep rapid growth isn’t any difficulty.Nonetheless, the bigger storage vendors face the task is, how within the Chinese target maintain sustained rapid growth. Therefore, the task of storage vendors, and exactly how effective the obvious method of implementation while using implementation within the plan becomes crucial.

CI strategy beginning to cope with results

Liu Baohua: Hewlett-Packard introduced many new items and technologies, and storage-related StoreOnce, deduplication and thin provisioning technology, I am impressed. Presently, HP’s storage division within the CI (converged infrastructure) strategy within the role made by? Future how HP storage products while using the overall proper planning?

Mike Prieto: Recently, HP’s storage business has maintained rapid growth, mainly in the last 6 a few days, a rise is obvious, you will find three primary reasons.First, we established by Dave Donatelli accountable for the strong leadership within the new team. Dave Donatelli increased to end up part of Hewlett-Packard few years. He’s 2 decades of storage industry experience, may be pointed out the storage industry’s godfather figure.Second, CI strategy is becoming our failure and success. Desktop systems, servers, storage, network and network services along with other products, the mix infrastructure strategy is to see its due role. Third, HP’s space for storing within the prosperity of numerous targeted acquisitions, and additional enriching the storage products, especially enhanced iSCSI, NAS along with other products strength.

HP’s overall storage sector is a valuable part of CI strategy. Worldwide, HP lead the mix of technology. Stored stored kept in storage, you will find systems, as well as other regions of the server, HP break lots of technical barriers to the introduction of many innovative storage products, like the P4000 series. This really is frequently a advancement of HP’s customized IP-SAN manufactured goods server, storage and network convergence within the framework, which fully reflects the benefits and cost of technology integration.

Liu Baohua: CI HP’s strategy remains suggested for a while. CI approach to enhance the development of HP’s sales in the products role to determine? HP in technical innovation efforts to market the introduction of the storage business, performed what role?

Mike Prieto: StoreOnce could be a recently released product. Through our activities inside the u . s . states . States to complete road shows and product evaluation data, results is viewed, the client feedback concerning this strategy is very positive. In the market perspective, the ESSN (servers, storage additionally to networking products business unit) performance within the rapid growth that last year’s CI strategy must play its due role.

Within the CI strategy, the specific storage could be a key support platform. Its pivotal role is mainly reflected in four aspects: first, the shop is unquestionably a built-in open platform, which utilizes industry standard hardware, building across the x86 architecture second, the capability of storage optimization, StoreOnce and duplicate data Remove technology might help users effectively optimize storage infrastructure, improve performance Third, storage virtualization technology to effectively improve storage utilization, therefore growing using the data infrastructure 4th, storage management is most likely the strengths of HP in x86 architecture, it’s integrated charge of various infrastructure to assist customers obtain a better roi. HP storage infrastructure in relation to focus on the 4 modernizations, namely optimization, intelligent, virtualization and automation. This can be truly the essence of HP’s storage.