Factors To Be Consider Before Purchase Raincoat For Frenchie

Bulldogs are known by various names like Frenchie, Frenchie dog, and French bulldog, but, all of them are the same and require the same attention and care. Frenchies are adorable, cute little dogs who are vulnerable to weather change. They cannot survive in either excessively hot weather or extremely cold weather. Therefore, Frenchie owners are always on the lookout for some comfort for them. They are always in need of personal care as unlike other dogs, their fur isn’t enough to keep them warm or to protect them from heat.

Monsoon mood

With the monsoon approaching, another trouble seems to bother French bulldog owners. While some dogs just love the rain, splashing the water, playing in the mud, some are definitely rain haters. No matter how much one tries, it is hard to get these dogs out of the house when it is raining outside. They don’t like getting their fur wet. A raincoat becomes a wardrobe necessity in such situations. While the wardrobe of a Frenchie is always packed, adding another to it is not as easy a task as it seems. A lot of factors are to be considered before getting a raincoat for the Frenchie dog.

Factors to be considered

  • Functionality

Functionality is the topmost priority of Frenchie dog owners as the raincoat is being bought for the purpose of keeping their fur dry even in the rainy season. The raincoat functions that are to be considered are:

  • Whether it is a hoodie raincoat
  • Have any hoodie
  • Whether it is waterproof or not

Remember the sole purpose of getting a raincoat is to keep the dog dry and that will only be possible if it is waterproof and there’s a hoodie raincoat.

  • Portability

Portability is another big factor. It is not always easy to predict the weather. Even when the sky is clear, rainfall and thunderstorm have taken place, therefore, it is advised to carry a raincoat with oneself all the time. One never knows when that will come handy; therefore, whenever one is going out with their French bulldog, carrying a raincoat is always a better option. Remember to check whether the raincoat has special provisions for leashing them and also whether it can be carried in a travel bag.

  • Fashion statement

Next comes to fashion, Frenchie dog owners are always worried about the fashion statement made by their Frenchie. Therefore, they naturally give more attention to fashionable clothes for them.