English Poppers – An Introduction

Poppers is a common slang term used to describe a range of chemical psychoactive drugs called alkyl nitrates! Many of you will have no doubt already heard of or seen poppers at some stage of your life, whether it be English poppers, Rush poppers or Hardcore poppers and probably understand some of the side effects that they can cause including allergic reactions and headaches. However, if you do not know a thing about poppers and are therefore looking for an introduction you have come to the right place. Keep on reading to discover a brief overview of poppers.Overview

Poppers is the slang term for amyl nitrate. Poppers are sold as small bottles of liquid that people then casually inhale being sure not to ingest. Poppers offers many benefits and advantages and can be used for a range of purposes. Poppers first became big in the 70s, used by the gay community to provide them with an intense head rush and a relaxed sphincter. However, in today’s modern world poppers are used by all sorts of people!

How Poppers are Used

Poppers are widely used as a recreational drug and are typically taken as fumes inhaled directly from the small bottles that they come in. Poppers are easy to purchase because they are legal in the UK – This means you can either visit a store to buy poppers or order them securely and safely online. Poppers are also really affordable with a small bottle of poppers generally costing no more than a couple of pounds.

The rush that poppers provides only lasts a few seconds to a few a minutes therefore people that take poppers whilst partying sometimes take them alongside other (Illegal) drugs including LSD and ecstasy. People do not only use poppers to relax their muscles and enhance sexual experiences

Effects and Side Effects

Poppers work almost instantly providing users with an instant high that is often described as a rush! The effects of poppers can come instantly when poppers are inhaled but unlike the rush provided by other drugs such as alcohols it only lasts for a few minutes. Some of the effects that people take poppers in search of include vasodilation with warm sensations, light headedness, tachycardia (a racing heart) and relaxation of the anal sphincter. Like with all drugs however poppers can cause nasty side effects that need to be looked out for and closely monitored – These include lesion around the nose and/or lips, sinusitis and respiratory allergic reactions, headaches and increased intraocular pressure.