For Yoga, Meditation, and Pilates online, Glo is The Way to go.

The never-ending go, go, go of your professional life and the continuously changing needs of your personal life at home can make it progressively difficult to find time to focus on your health and fitness goals. Or maybe your obstacles have claimed space in your mind and the thought of walking into or even near a big box gym or fancy yoga studio terrifies you. Maybe you don’t know where, when, or how to get started on this new, healthier road. So how can you bypass so many stubborn roadblocks that prevent you from being active? By taking matters into your own hands – literally.

If your difficulties stem from a busy professional life, lack of confidence, little experience, or even simply you don’t know where to begin, Glo can be just the thing to get you going. As a way to gain access to yoga, meditation, and pilates online, Glo puts the ball back in your court so you call the shots. Enjoy the healing and helping benefits of yoga, meditation, and pilates online, on your schedule, at your comfort, and at your level when, where, and how you want to. Think your hurdles are holding you back from being more active? Think again. Think Glo.

“My schedule is too demanding”

Does your 9 to 5 actually reflect a 9 to when you send your last email and work still follows you home? Sometimes you have to be at the office early which makes you miss your 7 am class or you have to stay after hours and miss the 630 class. Or maybe it’s your turn at kiddie carpool and a grumpy kid causes you to be late to the gym, late to the sign-in line, and late to snagging your spot in the class. It happens to everyone. How would your fitness be if you could adjust when the class time was? With Glo, you get to pick when to start, your preferred instructors to follow, and the skill level you are comfortable with. Glo is your one-stop-shop for yoga, meditation, and pilates online that works around your schedule.

“I’m uncomfortable working out in front of other people”

Tight clothes, flawless hair, and makeup, and unlimited amounts of energy is not in everyone’s scope of reality. Many of us feel out of place in the gym or studio because we feel pressured to look, act, and even perform in a certain way. Glo removes those discomforts and instead, provides you with the freedom to get your fitness in how you want it and in the outfit you’d like. By giving you the option to create your own environment, you can be at a quiet park, a beautiful beach, in your cozy home, or any other place that can enhance your comfort, enjoyment, and success. Glo is your tool for creating a gymless yoga, meditation, and pilates online atmosphere – no matter where.

“I’ve been out of the fitness world for years. What if I can’t handle it?”

There was a time when you were at the gym six days a week and even popped in on the weekends occasionally. Before you noticed, the years passed by and now you can’t even remember where your water bottle is and your yoga pants are definitely not used for yoga anymore – we’ve all been there. With class levels to meet every skill, Glo can get you started no matter where you were last. From the beginner classes and well into advanced levels, Glo has your needs covered. Jump back in at any level with yoga, meditation, and pilates online and on your terms.