Dos & Don’ts You Need to Know When Wearing a Face Mask in Singapore

Wearing a face mask in Singapore is mandatory to prevent COVID-19 from spreading and infecting more people. Although it only acts as a barrier, it can be a viable way of ensuring diseases don’t reach the person. However, it is only effective if worn properly.

While the pandemic is still ongoing, it helps if you know what you should and should not do with them. It doesn’t matter what you wear, be it a disposable face mask, these tips ensure you get the most out of their protection. Otherwise, you are increasing your risk of acquiring COVID-19 and other diseases.

Continue reading this article to know more about the dos and don’ts of wearing a face mask in Singapore.

Dos & Don’ts You Need to Know When Wearing a Face Mask in Singapore

    I.        Dos

1. Do Know the Right Mask to Wear for the Occasion

As the pandemic continues, wearing a fabric mask instead of a surgical mask is becoming more common. Generally speaking, these products can work so long as you aren’t in places with high crowd density or indoors. However, if you are heading to areas with plenty of people, such as malls, supermarkets, or schools, it is advisable to wear a surgical mask in Singapore.

If you want optimal protection, using products like the KN95, N95, and KF94 are the most effective ways to avoid diseases from entering your mouth or nose. These things have a high-filtration feature that prevents the inhalation of even the tiniest air particles. It is advisable to use these products if you are entering situations where transmissions are more likely to occur, such as travelling on public transport, taking care of someone with COVID, or spending time in indoor spaces. Additionally, immunocompromised individuals must wear them instead of other face mask products.

2. Do Ensure You Wear the Mask With a Snug Fit

The effectiveness of your face mask depends on how you wear it. It doesn’t matter whether you use fabric, medical, or surgical mask if it doesn’t fit your face. Ideally, there shouldn’t be gaps between your face and the mask. Therefore, it is necessary to pick the product that suits your age, as there are options available for children.

However, you might encounter an issue where your face mask is loose. Generally, fabric ones have adjustable straps, so this problem isn’t a huge deal. If you’re wearing a surgical mask that doesn’t fit you, consider using a fabric mask on top to make it fit better.

3. Do Wash Your Hands Whenever You Touch Your Mask

Although it is advisable to refrain from touching your face mask once you wear it, there are times when it is difficult to resist the urge. It is during times like these that you should have alcohol or hand sanitisers as you would need to disinfect your hands before and after contact. Remember that a face mask is a barrier, preventing millions of bacteria, germs, and viruses from entering your mouth and nose. Therefore, its surface would be full of these harmful particles. Touching them can result in transmissions.

  II.        Don’ts


1. Don’t Touch Your Mask

As stated in the previous paragraph, touching your face mask is not advisable as it harbours millions of bacteria, germs, and viruses. Although there are times when you have to touch it due to reasons, such as mealtimes. You can do so by using its straps. However, if you are experiencing itchiness, refrain from removing your face mask. Typically, the feeling dissipates after a few seconds or minutes. However, if you cannot resist the temptation, remember to follow the previous paragraph. Sanitise your hands before and after handling it.

2. Don’t Forget About Other Preventive Methods

While wearing a surgical mask in Singapore can protect you from COVID-19, remember that it only acts as a barrier that prevents bacteria, germs, and viruses from entering your mouth and nose. However, there are other preventive measures you should follow to decrease the likelihood of transmission. Some of these include following social distancing, frequent hand disinfection, and getting your vaccinations.

Remember that a face mask only protects your mouth and nose. Your body is still susceptible to getting or receiving infected particles from people and things, such as doorknobs and escalators. Therefore, ensure that you continue to adhere to the necessary health protocols to avoid COVID.

3. Don’t Throw Your Masks Anywhere

If you don’t know, health organisations consider a face mask in Singapore a hazardous waste as it contains millions of bacteria, germs, and viruses. Therefore, mindlessly throwing it anywhere can endanger the lives of others, not to mention its environmental effects. You must segregate these items from the rest of your trash. Place them in a container to ensure they don’t transfer harmful particles to the rest of your garbage. Follow trash segregation policies for proper hazardous waste disposal when in public spaces.



Wearing a face mask in Singapore is a crucial part of your daily outfit. Without it, you cannot enter various establishments without someone asking you to have one. Since the pandemic is still ongoing, you would need a steady supply of disposable face masks.

Like everything else, there are things you can and cannot do when wearing a, for example, disposable face mask. These tips ensure you receive optimal protection not only from COVID but also from other diseases. Therefore, here are the three things you should do when using a face mask.

First, be aware of which face mask is appropriate for the occasion. While fabric ones are viable for places with low crowd density, you may want to switch to a surgical mask when entering areas like supermarkets.

Second, you want to be sure that your face mask fits you. What it means is that there shouldn’t be any gaps between your skin and the mask. Otherwise, you’re not receiving optimal protection.

Third, remember to sanitise your hands before and after touching your face mask.

On the other hand, there are things you shouldn’t do while wearing a face mask, and here are three of them.

First, refrain from touching your face mask. If you’re feeling itchy, try to ignore it as it disappears over time.

Second, remember that wearing a face mask is one of several ways to minimise your risk of COVID. Therefore, continue adhering to these health and safety protocols.

Last, never throw your face mask anywhere. Ensure that you discard it in designated places as it is hazardous waste.

Since there is no determined end to the pandemic, you must have a reliable source of surgical mask in Singapore, typically a supplier. With that said, check out AIR+ to learn more about their products, such as surgical and N95 masks.