CCTV Installation In Singapore: 5 Tips For Clients

You are either a building manager or someone who wants to take action against the rising cases of petty crimes and misdemeanours in the workplace. Or someone who seeks to increase security in the building because the vicinity is not as safe as it seems. The apparent solution is hiring a CCTV surveillance company to strategize a plan and implement it by installing devices across the area. Another would be maintaining a culture of respect and good conduct inside the building because cameras can only do so much.

One thing to remember is that having a CCTV camera in Singapore does not eliminate crimes and other misdemeanours in the building. Instead, they only record them, and people can keep a copy as evidence or proof that something happened. But you can also say they serve as a reminder that a particular area does not tolerate crimes. You know: People often get fearful when they see these things unless they have something more threatening in mind.

Here are some tips for clients who wish to trust a CCTV surveillance company for their security needs. Follow these to ensure everything goes smoothly.


As mentioned above, hiring a CCTV installation service in Singapore does not solve your problems. For instance, there are many reported cases of sexual harassment and theft in the office, and having these cameras would be useless if you would not address the root cause of the problem. Another would be the company culture that may have influenced this behavior in some people, such as the higher-ups tolerating these cases.

The solution? Impose a culture of respect and good conduct in the office. Sure, having a CCTV camerahelps record these situations as evidence, but they are useless if the company keeps on tolerating these things or letting people get away. Also, avoid barbaric practices of punishing people, such as shaming them publicly or anything that ruins their image. Learn how to address things fairly for everyone.


Having a CCTV in Singapore is challenging because most people get the angle and reach wrong. It can be the lack of knowledge about strategically placing these devices, being unfamiliar with the walls and corners of the room, or even not knowing the camera’s specifications. With this, there might be a case of failing to record a particular situation or missing some crucial details in your video evidence. Lastly, some people would take advantage of the fact that, for example, they can enter the door without being seen.

Working on the angle and reach of the camera is possible if you follow some steps. First, consult the CCTV surveillance companyand ask for an inspection or site visit. They will perform tests and other techniques to find the best place to install the camera. Another solution is to learn a few things and suggest something to them if you have something in mind. It might be the case that you want to have a full view of the door.


Some laws and mandates do not permit people to breach the privacy of others. Examples include the protection of their personal data and online files, what people can record through their mobile phone cameras, and the things they can disclose to the public. In the case of the workplace, hiring a CCTV surveillance company means putting a premium on safety without compromising people’s privacy. You can also say it ensures a healthy balance between knowing about a situation and respecting their boundaries.

Laws differ in every country, but the general rule when installing a CCTV surveillance unit in Singapore is to seek permission when placing it outside your home or commercial space. Using them in public requires you to process permits and papers. Another rule is to avoid private areas, such as bathrooms, changing rooms, and bedrooms for public use. Lastly, never hide them in plain sight because why hide a camera when it is perfectly legal? Think about that.



CCTV camerarepair personnel are accessible to customers and anyone who needs them, but it is not always the case. They might have rest breaks on some days, clients need an advanced booking of their services, and there are ways to deal with issues on your own. Because of that, it is necessary to learn a few things about troubleshooting techniques because these devices are not fool proof. They might exhibit signs of damage in some situations.

When we tell you to ask the CCTV surveillance company, we mean asking many questions. Why? Doing that helps you learn about things. Talk to them about how you will use the cameras, who can take care of them, and how to perform some of the most effective troubleshooting techniques. (Tip: Ask for a manual or a guidebook for these things. It would help you remember and know exactly where to look when something happens with your units.)


Many CCTV surveillance companies in Singapore offer the same services and equipment, but the difference lies in how they carry out their work. Another would be their accessibility because some companies are more reachable than others. You might like company A because they keep in touch with you, unlike company B, which prefers their customers to be sure about what they want. There is nothing wrong with this, and the goal should be trusting the company of your choice.

First, examine them on the surface. Is the company promising enough to help you with a CCTV installationrequest for your office and commercial building? Or you can settle with the bare minimum because you are fine with the most basic services. Second, you should know how they work and carry out their techniques. Of course, you want a company that aligns with your preferences as a customer, and you are the one paying for these services.



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