Different Women With Different Kinds of Attractions

The ancient Greeks drew attention to the connection between vegetation on the human body and its love, the scientists of our time went further and established a correlation of spirit with hair color. Science notes that there is an increased concentration of testosterone in the blood of men with curly, dense hair, but this does not mean that the “hair” man must be himself a passionate lover (unfortunately, we do not know in always how to use these attributes).

However, as sociological surveys have shown, when choosing a partner, women rely on their own intuition, as well as the stereotypes of the conscious.

The brunettes

Most of the fairer sex has admitted that they prefer brunettes. Perhaps a subconscious orientation that explained their men’s choice with this hair color: the dark gene is dominant, the dark is much more so, so they are more fertile, richer in personal terms. In addition, people of the Mediterranean type (burned Italians, Spaniards) are known for their violent attitudes, perhaps, because brunettes are so attractive to women.


Natural blonde Belarusian brides always have warnings, light genes are complex. In this sense, nature gave the surprise with a prior personality. Blondes may be found in women with a tall, handsome Nordic type (Norwegians, Swedes), known as a soft but definite character. In addition, blond hair is an indicator of a high level in the blood of estrogen, which is responsible for fertility.


Genetically, Belarus women are a harmonious combination of a temperamental dark gene and more intense light. It is not clear that the color of the hair as reflected by the bright light and darkness, respectively, the tendency of men to attract a woman with personal characteristics. Interview women celebrate the balance of courtesy and character.

The bald ones

In fourth place is for attractiveness for women and men with bare skulls. There is an opinion that bald men are much worse and workable than owners of great hair. This statement is only true if the mitigation started early and was caused by increased production of male hormones. Some women get unprotected hair on the crown of the head, while others consider the shaven head as a sign of courage and episcopacy of its owner.


Owners of this hair have energy less than everyone on the attention of women. Perhaps this is due to the current stereotypes: since the days of Shakespeare, red hair has been associated with deception, if in women it looks the wing of organic cheating, and then in a man it changes. But this is very subjective again, because a Celtic warrior, like anyone who was different in terms of fear and truth of character, had this hair color – reddish black hair.

  • However, do not forget that sociological surveys do not always accurately reflect the nature of things. We are often given the choice of a certain type of man in a way. So from the time the cinema was born, up until the 80s in romantic tapes, photos of hairdressers (Greg Peck, Clark Gable, AlainDelon) as lovers heroes and seductive villains.
  • Simply put, her husband’s choice should not be in a way, in the end, we will not recommend it and consider children.

Happy nature ordered so we have a man of the opposite genetic type, blondes and fairies with brunettes and toys, briquettes and brown women with blondes and redheads. The genotypes of the parents will be most different, the child healthier and more enduring.