Concussions after a car accident

Concussions after a car accident shouldn’t be taken on a light note at all. The symptoms may not be visible initially, but you are likely to suffer in the long run if you do not seek immediate medical assistance. Concussions take place when you receive a hard blow on your head. This is one of the serious Traumatic brain injuries. Sometimes, people are not even aware that they have suffered an injury because it takes two or four weeks for the symptoms to develop. Two of the most common reasons for brain concussions are car accidents and slip and falls. There are some injuries which can cause permanent threat to brain functionality. There are various brain concussion attorneys in California who can ease your recovery process by handling the complicated part of dealing with the insurance companies to ensure that his client receives the deserving compensations.

Symptoms of concussions:

Almost 2 million people across the world have suffered from concussions and most of the injuries take place due to car accidents. You need adequate rest and time in order to recover from this. However, if you take immediate assistance, you can completely recover. Internal bleeding is one of the common effects of concussion. Most of the people get to know that they have suffered injuries only after becoming unconscious. This is however different for different individual. The signs and symptoms will vary. You should immediately contact your health provider if you suffer from one of the followings:

  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Slurred speech
  • confusion
  • headache

In case of a delayed concussion, you are likely to experience one of the followings:

  • difficulty in sleeping patterns
  • Taste and smell disorder
  • Memory problems
  • Problems of concentration

If you think that concussions will go away, then you are wrong! Proper treatment and adequate rest is necessary for the same or it might lead to what is referred as a ‘cascade effect’. Consult a lawyer to evaluate the seriousness of the case and severity of the injury so that the attorney can fight for your rights.

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Filing a lawsuit for Brain concussion

If concussion is a result of someone else’s negligence, you have the right to sue the party at fault. The lawsuit can be filed for various damages that have been caused like- medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional suffering etc. However, it has to be proved that the alleged party is responsible for your losses. It is only an attorney who can handle this complex issue. He will work out on the evidences and the legal documents so that the case can have strong points.

The insurance companies are doing business and hence, they will never want to payout the deserving compensations. It is only a lawyer who can negotiate with the companies. In case the defendant does not have any insurance coverage, they need to pay it from their own pockets. Two things need to be proved; i) the damages are caused due to negligence of the third party ii) you have experienced brain injuries. Proving the evidences can be a tough job an therefore, you should hire an attorney because they know the tricks to prove your case.