Ace3ds X vs. R4i B9s vs R4i Gold 3ds, which is the best buy to play 3ds / ds games?

Since 2018, the Nintendo 3DS system has been totally cracked and users can freely play the games ds and 3ds all for free without the need to buy the games! And the hack method has become public, the tools are the flashcards are for sale on the net with a very cheap price. Nowadays we have 3 types of compatible ntrboot R4 3ds kaarten, ace3dsx, r4i b9s and r4i gold plus, they are all ready for application. So what is the best r4 card to play 3ds and ds?

R4 Ntrboot Card

R4 3ds pre-installed ntrboot cards is a special category in the r4 card community. Generally they are intended rather to crack the 3ds to install CFW 3DS with more ease, but not that, they also allow to read the roms ds classics.

Ace3DS X

The new product of the Ace3ds team, the Ace3ds X is possible to switch between 3DS mode and DS using a switch button. In 3DS mode, it allows to install the Boot9Strap. The flashcard will integrate a DS mode and an NDS mode, the storage will be via a micro-SD, which will also serve for the functions of the 3DS part.

In DS mode, the flashcard works like the DS flashcard Ace3ds plus. So you can enjoy both modes together, it will be more effective for a flashcard.

R4i B9S

The product of r4i-sdhc.com, which allows hack your 2DS and 3DS consoles, easily install the boot9strap and the best CFW Luma3DS, NTRboot is pre-installed in the flashcard so it’s a little easier than the R4i gold 3DS , but the flashcard is no longer functional for DS games.

R4i Gold 3DS PLUS

Developed by the r4ids.cn team that also created the famous R4i gold 3ds rts flashcard, R4i Gold 3DS Plus is up to date to enhance the R4i gold 3ds experience. It has a SWITCH to switch between NDS Mode and NTR Mode. In other words, R4i Gold 3DS Plus supports DS games as well as Ntrboothax on the 3DS series.

Comparison Ace3ds X vs R4i B9s vs R4i Gold 3ds

Price 22€ 19€ 20€
Kernel WoodR4 V1.62 R4I-3DS V1.85b WoodR4 V1.64
Compatibility DSI V1.45 and 3DS V11.10.0

the old DS series and the new 3DS series

Identical Identical
Installation DS Games: simple, plug & play.

NTR mode: Follow the guide on https://3ds.guide/ntrboot

DS Games: simple, plug & play.

NTR mode: Follow the tutorial on r4i-sdhc.com

DS Games: simple, plug & play ..

NTR mode: Follow the guide on r4ids.cn

Timebomb No Perhaps No
Pre-flashed NTRboothax? Yes Yes Yes
Supported DS games? Yes Yes Yes
Switch position outside the card No, switch mode with the official program inside the card

After comparing the 3 flashcards in the table above, we get the following conclusion for you. Indeed, no one is the best nor the perfect, make the decision while basing on your needs and your situation!

  • If you care more about ds game compatibility, the R4I B9S card works with an R4 firmware or a kernel that has been released for 1 year, it has the best game compatibility ds and corrected many card bugs.
  • If you insist on using a simple NTRboothax card, Ace3ds X is the best.
  • If you want to get an R4 card with R4 wood kernel with NTR compatibility, the R4i gold 3ds+ is the unique choice.