A Spare room shortage solution has been found in Motorhomes

If like many, you are lacking in space around your house, you may be looking for solutions which won’t cost an arm and a leg. Due to growing house prices, many of us do not have the luxury of being able to buy places bigger than we need, nor do we have the spare cash after buying a property to extend. This is where the idea of campervans, a type of small motor home, comes in.

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What is the campervan trend?

Despite British summers being as unpredictable as they are, the rise in what we call ‘staycations’, i.e. taking a vacation in your home country, has resulted in an increase in caravans and motorhomes being bought. The reason behind a motorhome being called just that is that it is designed to be a home on wheels with all of your home comforts (see

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How can the campervan extend your home space?

The booming motorhome sales are not just a result of keen holidaymakers though. Britons are also finding new uses for these vehicles as a consequence of the current housing crisis. With house prices so high, even remote areas of Wales have become more expensive than ever before. This means that many families are having to squeeze their children into small homes and struggle to host visits from extended relatives or friends under their roof.

The National Caravan Council, or NCC, has claimed that motorhomes are now providing a solution to this space shortage, as accommodation continues to be an issue across the country. People who own Campers, are among the 10.2 million Britons who used caravans and campervans last year as accommodation.

Why is a campervan better than a traditional caravan?

Welsh Coast Campers will be able to tell you that motorhomes bring a number of additional benefits to traditional caravans. Not only are campervans more compact (so that they fit easier onto your driveway) they can be legally parked anywhere that a normal vehicle could station itself. In addition, they do not need to be towed.  You can also fix them easily if any damage occurs, especially if you have some metal bonding adhesives from places like to seal the problem.
Add to that the attraction of campervans visually, and it is easy to see why many would opt for a beautiful, retro VW motorhome over an old banger of a caravan any day!