Vintage Wedding Ideas

Vintage weddings are all the rage but if you don’t fancy getting hitched in a barn then fear not, there are loads of ways to create a rustic feel to your day without jumping over cowpats! A country-style wedding offers a warmth and intimacy that some other themes can’t quite achieve and if you want to feel like the whole family is involved and not just you and your partner, then a good old-fashioned vintage wedding could be just the ticket. Here are some ideas:

  • When choosing your venue for the day, the more it reflects what style you’re aiming for, the less you’ll have to decorate it. Getting the vibe spot on is the important part and once you have this, the rest can follow naturally.
  • Vintage style wedding colours are quite straight-forward with the principle being one neutral grounding colour and two focal colours to compliment. The neutral colour could be nude, cream, white or light grey for example with the other two colours being anything that you find attractive and blends well together. If you get stuck then think about whether you want the colours to be pastel, bright, shades of the same colour or even ombre and look online for inspiration.

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  • How you’re going to decorate your venue is another major consideration especially if you’re aiming for a vintage theme. Right from the start, think about whether you will have an overriding theme and if so, you will need matching invitations, place cards and seating plans etc. Choosing the right invitations is a great way to give your guests a taster for what to expect on the day and sets the tone for the rest of the décor. Grab yourself some Longspan Shelving from links including and paint them a shabby chic colour and decorate them with old vintage luggage and post cards from history.
  • Lighting is key in a vintage themed wedding so find out what your venue has to offer. Warm, intimate lighting can be a main focal point which means less decorating for you.
  • What is it that you love about rustic settings? When you’ve identified that you’ll be able to focus on the design elements of the day much better. Do you want your tables to resemble a country kitchen? Wild flowers? Chalkboard or wooden signs as place cards? It might be helpful to keep an inspiration board and collect ideas and images that you love.

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  • An element of homemade is another key feature of vintage weddings and maybe you feel brave enough to attempt to make some homemade sweets or fudge for table favours? If not, then there are loads of local companies who offer homemade, authentic treats and eats for surprising and delighting your guests.
  • Simple is effective and kinder to your budget. Don’t go overboard with the table design as you want your guests to feel comfortable, have space and be able to locate their cutlery! Staying focused and not being tempted by new things to add is the key to success. A good idea is to keep a tracker of everything you have bought, including delivery charges.