5 Things You Need to Check in Your Pole Dance Studio

Wouldn’t it be great if you have a memorable pole dance trial class in Singapore? Aside from the fact that it would be your first time on the post, it is also essential to make your initial try significant before you move forward with more sessions. Besides, why would you make your first experiences haunting if you can have fun and make the most of your every moment?

Make your beginner pole dancing classes memorable by enrolling with your family or friends. It would be best if you know your classmates personally to ease the awkwardness whenever you fall from the post. You no longer need to save your face as you can laugh it off easily with your close peers and acquaintances.

It is also ideal that you attend pole dance classes near your place for your convenience. Find facilities within several blocks away that offer such exercises. Aside from easing your commuting hassle, it is also crucial that you get enough rest either before or after your sessions on the post.

Most importantly, find a pole dance studio in Singapore that can always guarantee your great time. Whether it’s your first time or not, they must ensure that you are safe, secured, and enjoy your every moment on the post. But how can you assure that you’re already in the right place? Then check on these things if they are perfect for your newfound hobby:

The Post

As obvious as it may sound, but you must always give priority to your dance pole when you decide to try this form of exercise. You may be clueless about what to look for, but you can always do your research to find the right post for you. Besides, you are the one performing, so it is a must to have a closer look at it before you use it.

There are a variety of posts available in the market today. You can find permanent or portable ones made from different materials and coatings. Some even vary on their lengths and widths depending on your pole dancing use. Experienced performers may require specific materials or coatings to improve their grip while performing.

First Time Must-Haves: Beginner pole dancers should start their classes with chrome posts. These are silver-coloured posts usually found in most exercise facilities today. You can visit them beforehand to test your grip. Ask your trainer if they can recommend you extra equipment and accessories to ensure your safety while you’re hanging on the post.

The Floor

Other than your pleasure and enjoyment on the post, it is also a must to prioritize your safety every time you’re inside a pole dancing facility in Singapore. It may look weird for you to be inspecting their flooring but think about the benefits you can get from it in the long run. Besides, there’s nothing wrong if you can assure that you’re free from any injury after your every session.

Pole dance studios vary on the type of flooring they use inside their facilities. You can find some that use wood, concrete, and rubber mats on their floors. It mainly depends on the routines and choreographies they teach their students that would require specific floor works. Thus, some may need an extra grip on their hands or feet when they tend to reach the flooring.

First Time Must-Haves: But for first-timers like you, it is recommended to start your pole dance trial class with rubber mattings. Aside from its added comfort, you no longer need to worry about getting injuries whenever you fall from the post. It also prevents you from slipping since you will sweat a lot on your initial sessions.

The Foundations

Another thing that would make you look awkward inside your dance studio is when you start checking on the building’s foundations. These include its ceiling, walls, floor, and overall structure. You may think of it as an embarrassing way to do on your initial visit, but again, it is for your long-term safety.

Inspect every corner for some cracks or gaps that may lead you to question their structural integrity. You should have second thoughts in joining pole dance classes when you’re not sure if they can protect your welfare while you’re inside their facility. Their expensive posts and floor mattings will be useless if a sudden quake can damage them easily.

First Time Must-Haves: Aside from the integrity of your pole dance studio against natural calamities, it should also be able to withstand loads of human weight. Always remember that you are only not the one using their facility, and they must ensure everyone’s safety while you’re hanging altogether.

The Sessions

Apart from the physical equipment and amenities, it is also essential that you have a look at their offered pole dancing classes before you even confirm your enrolment with them. Find time to visit their website – if they’re available online – while you’re at home for your comfort. List down the sessions you prefer to take and ask your instructor if they are perfect for you.

First Time Must-Haves: Start with beginner trial classes offered in Singapore before you even decide where you should enrol. You can find such free sessions on their official websites since for first-time enrollees. You should make the most of it to have an idea of what you should expect from your new hobby.

The Instructor

Never forget about checking your instructor as your progress in different pole dancing class sessions will depend on them. Better yet, choose to learn from reputable trainers in the region, such as those in Breathe Dance Company, who can assure you with your success in the post. They also offer trial classes for beginners like you! Check their website now to enrol in their free sessions today.