5 Myths of Reseller Hosting Debunked!

For those who want to be in the hosting business without having to own a full-fledged company, Reseller Hosting allows them to start their own venture in the most convenient manner. However, there are still a lot of misconceptions about this new model of web hosting. If you are someone who is considering stepping into reseller web hosting but contemplating your decision, read on to bust the popular myths right away!

Myth #1: Starting a reseller business is complicated.

No business is easy to start or run. Neither is reseller hosting. But that doesn’t mean it is complicated. If you are enthusiastic about running your own web hosting business, then nothing is easier than reseller hosting. Unlike owning a web hosting company, reselling requires a minimum investment in terms of resources and infrastructure, with almost no risk involved. All you have to do is rent a server or a part of it from a bigger hosting provider, create service packages, and sell it to your clients.

Myth # 2: The reseller brand will not be yours.

Although you don’t own a hosting company, your reseller business is very much your own. Web hosting companies allow resellers to use their own branding for the hosting business, and you can operate as an independent hosting provider. So, whenever you pitch to a client, you will be their hosting provider, for all practical purposes, and you can use your business branding in any way you want.

Myth # 3: You don’t need tech knowledge to become a reseller.

Most people think that since all technicalities are managed and maintained by the hosting company, the reseller does not need to have much knowledge about the nitty-gritty of hosting. But that is not true. You cannot be in the baking business if you have no knowledge of bakery goods, or at least know how the business works. Similarly, in reseller hosting, you cannot run the business without some knowledge about the resources that you use, your tech architecture, server type, configuration, storage, or anything that you are sourcing from your hosting provider and using for your business. While you do not need to be an ultimate expert, you still need to understand about what you are using and how they function.

Myth # 4: You cannot provide enough support.

Any tech service requires to provide support to its customers. With reseller hosting, that aspect is covered by your hosting provider. Since they have more organized support mechanism and expert professionals, you can rest assured about a server issue, service upgrade, set up and installation of software, etc. Whenever your clients need assistance, the support team from your hosting provider will help you. But before you partner with your provider, ensure that they will provide you with round-the-clock tech support.

Myth # 5: It’s a highly competitive business vertical

The web hosting landscape is expanding than ever. This creates a lot of opportunity for newer business models like reseller hosting to the rising market demands. As more businesses enter the market, the more websites are needed to be managed and hosted. So, there is and always will be opportunities for newer hosting businesses like reseller who would cater to these growing need.

Summing up…

All said and done, reseller hosting, like any other business, can be as profitable and scalable as you want it to be. To make the most of this business opportunity, you need to find a reliable and suitable reseller host and let your business grow exponentially.