Best Methods to Teaching your Child on Memorizing the Alphabets

Gaining knowledge of the alphabet would be imperative for every preschooler prior to starting kindergarten. In the event of them being fluent in naming letters when the school begins, they would be highly likely to be successful readers.

It would be pertinent to mention here that you should help your child memorise the alphabet using fun-filled activities that would not be time-consuming. It would be beneficial when working with a three or four-year-old who would be continuously on the run. When the child has actually memorized the alphabet, you should rest assured to be repeating the letters during your sleep.

  • Teaching a few Letters at one time

It would be pertinent that you do not overwhelm your child with the entire alphabet at one time. Despite the children able to sing the traditional ABC song and memorize the song, chances are higher that they would not be able to recognize the letters and memorise the alphabet. It would be in your best interest to concentrate on three to five letters at one time.

  • Using Flashcards for gaining Alphabet knowledge

You could make a set of flashcards with your own index cards along with a marker. You could print a set with the online website along with free color flashcards. These would entail the pictures on the card that starts with the sound of the letter. It would assist your child to become aware of the sound or letter correspondence to it, which is another essential reading skill.

  • Playing various Games online

Several online alphabet games have been deemed interactive and fun for the preschoolers. You would come across several learning sites where a child could click on any letter to hear the name. You could make the most of alphabet concentration game. The children would be required to click on the cards in order to find the correct pairs. They would be able to choose from various difficulty levels along with enhancing their knowledge and skills.

  • Help your Child memorize using Manipulative activities

You should make use of plastic alphabet tiles along with a magnet on the back. It would assist you to put them in order on the door of the fridge. It would be recommended that writing letters on pieces of cardboard and having your child hop from one letter to another would be a great exercise offered by the game. It would offer you with mental and physical exercise.

You should take advantage of teachable moments to assist your child to memorise the alphabet in the right manner.