Why You Should Know How to Cook

For a long time now, cooking has been regarded as a task for women by many men who have continually hidden in their masculinity to avoid this ‘feminine task.’

However, times have quickly changed, with more and more men learning how to cook, and more women disregarding the art of cooking. It is no wonder you will find more chefs being male than female.

Cooking is something we cannot live without, and one way or the other, you will have to do it. Therefore, why is it essential that you know how to cook?

1.It is healthier.

How many times have you gone to the hotel and taken one look at the vegetables and quickly ordered a burger or fries? The truth is, vegetables look more appealing when they are in the market than when they are at the hotel.

This means that by shopping for your food, you will be able to choose healthier foods than what you would have ordered in the hotel.

You will also reduce the risks of food poisoning or allergic reactions to different ingredients in the food since you will know what you are preparing and how you prepared it.

Preparing your food will also allow you to watch your weight and how many calories you take in hence ensuring you stay fit.

2.It is easy!

There are over a million recipes in the world with each of them ranging in difficulty. Out of all these cuisines, you are bound to get a handful of meals you can prepare.

Cooking is so easy such that some luxurious hotels such as Ayana in Indonesia, hosts a cooking class bali, for their guests to learn some of the native cuisines of the Balinese people.

With the availability of cooking shows, cooking blogs, and cooking books all over the internet, learning how to cook is quite easy and fun.

3.It saves on Cost.

When you are living on a budget, cooking your meals cuts down a lot of the costs you would have spent on buying food in restaurants and hotels.

By doing your shopping in bulk, you will be able to get discounts on different foods, thus save on almost double the amount you spend on food.

Also, healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables are much cheaper than the fast foods you buy in hotels and supermarkets. You will, therefore, notice a significant improvement in your wallet.

Cooking also reduces the costs associated with going out such as cab fares, paying for drinks and other small expenses you incur while eating out.

4.It is Socially Impressive.

In a world, where most people grow up without knowing how to cook, those that do hold a dear place in everyone’s heart.

For men, knowing how to cook is not only impressive to women, but it also demonstrates your independence and reliance on self.

For women, knowing how to cook is regarded as a fundamental skill that each of them should know. Knowing how to cook will impress men and also other women who do not know how to cook.

  You will also gain more confidence among your peers as you are sure you can complete tasks the society regards as feminine.

5.It is Fulfilling.

Cooking for your self gives you the freedom to test out anything you want. It also allows you to eat as much as you want without any judgments.

Some people will also find cooking therapeutic and an excellent way of relieving stress since they view it as an art of creating something from nothing. This helps you appreciate the effort you put in and thus makes them proud of themselves.


Cooking is a skill that most of us, if not everyone, should learn and embrace. Its importance in our lives go past our need for good health and saving on costs.

There are many other reasons why we should learn how to cook, and thus, we should make it our aim to take a cooking class today!