4 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for 2022

Do you find your kitchen less attractive? Are you planning to do a kitchen makeover this year? Then this article is for you.

The kitchen backsplash to install is one of the design elements that should remain top of mind. They not only serve aesthetic purposes but are also functional pieces that protect your kitchen walls.

The backsplash to choose is a matter of personal preference. If you are considering kitchen backsplash refacing, of course you can always enlist the help of an interior designer to help you come up with a design that provides the perfect finished look. However, to make the process easier, we will share with you four kitchen backsplash ideas for 2022 that you can draw inspiration from.

Let’s delve into the specifics. 

  • Neutral-Colored Patterned tiles

Allow specific bold elements of your kitchen to stand out by installing neutral-colored patterned tiles. Furthermore, neutral tiles are known to reflect light and are the perfect fit for your kitchen if you want to maximize natural light. Additionally, they withstand the test of time.

Neutral-colored patterned tiles are also the ideal kitchen accessory since their simplistic look provides virtually endless design options. Consider combining them with warm textures to give the room an extra oomph.

  • Marble tiles

Instead of following conventional trends and installing marble on your countertops, using it as a kitchen backsplash is a trend for 2022and beyond. It is one of those timeless designs, thanks to its durability. 

You can always go for the white and off-white options. However, you can experiment with the myriad of other bold colors that come in shades of orange, brown, and green – just to name a few. 

  • Colorful tiles

If you have neutral-colored kitchen cabinets and walls, there is no better way to add interesting elements and make a statement than by using colorful tiles for your kitchen backsplash. They are also ideal for kitchens with traditionally-styled cabinets. Experiment with your favorite bold color and various textures to give your kitchen a dramatic and stylish finish.

For instance, you can use shimmering tiles in small spaces to reflect more light. Additionally, you can use the backsplash color to inspire your kitchen’s theme.

  • Wood Paneling

The popularity of tiles as the ideal kitchen backsplash option is unmatched. However, you can create a subtle and excellent look by using wood paneling as your go-to backsplash option.

For a kitchen with neutral undertones, wood panels with dark mahogany, merlot, or black onyx finish will do the trick by adding texture and dimension to your kitchen. If you already have cute centerpieces that need to remain as the kitchen’s focal point, wood paneling a shade lighter or darker than your wall color will be a better option.


These are only a few of the kitchen backsplash options that are trending in 2022. However, there are a host of other options, including adding subway tiles, a storage niche, decorative tiles, and glass. Just make sure that your design complements the kitchen’s theme, giving it a seamless look.