What You Should Know About Eyelash Extensions

Have you ever wondered whether you should get eyelash extensions? Of course, you did, but you are probably hesitating about your plans. Fret not since that is quite normal. It is only natural for you to have uncertainties since it concerns your appearance. So, try not to overwhelm yourself too much and start gathering data on why you should get one right now. 

It would help if you first identify the inconveniences that you are experiencing with your mascara. Try to think about it whenever you are doing your makeup. Count how many times it smudges your eyes before you could achieve that perfect full lashes. After that, try looking at your hands and see how inky they become. Isn’t that pretty vexing? It sure does, and for sure most women feel the same way. 

But if that does not convince you, then better read through this article. Here, you would find out the advantages and drawbacks of eyelash extensions, some answers about it, and the things you have to do once you decide to get one. So, keep your eyes peeled. 


Are Eyelash Extensions for You?

Whether you recently saw an ad online or a picture of your friend via Insta story wearing these eyelash extensions, one thing is for sure. You want to know if it is for you. You probably take a lot of time looking at that photo only to see how beautiful it looks in their eyes. For sure, you tried imagining how you would look if your lashes became fuller as them. 

However, looking alone does not help anything. You must know the advantages and drawbacks for you to decide on what you should do. Here, read the pros and cons below. 

Pros of Eyelash Extensions


It Looks So Fab!

Even though it sounds so dramatic than applying mascara, it looks more natural. A lash lift in Singapore can make you look so stunning, especially when done right. Even more, if you know how to take good care of your extended lashes. 

Cuts Your Makeup Routine in Half

Believe it or not, it sure does. If you do your make up for an hour, you can expect 30 minutes more of your sleep if your lashes become naturally fuller. That means you would only need 30 minutes to apply your makeup and get ready to go to work. In other words, you would less likely become late than before. 

Say Goodbye to Mascara Mishaps

Smudges, clumps, flakes, these are the mishaps you would no longer experience once you get eyelash extensions in Singapore. So, no matter how hectic your day becomes, you would not look like a panda bear anymore. At the end of your day, you would still look stunning, like when you went to work that morning. 

Cons of Eyelash Extensions


It Is Not Cheap

Indeed, since most eyelash shops do not use synthetic lashes, they only use natural strands of hair. So, expect to spend S$40 to S$100 depending on the volume and style you want your lashes to have. 

Quite High-Maintenance 

Beside its upfront cost, some extensions require keratin lash lift in Singapore. This treatment would help the lashes to stay fuller and healthy at all times. Moreover, you might need to change your skincare routine and the way you do your makeup. Those are the extra things you need to do. 


Your Top Questions About Eyelash Extension, Answered. 

Eyelash extensions are so hot these days. Celebrities are not the only ones who want to get one, but civilians, too. With this trend going, more and more people desire to have their lashes extended. However, even with its soaring demand, eyelash extensions are something new to some. If you are within this bracket, reading the following questions would help you have peace of mind.


Question 1: It Seems Time-consuming. Why Not Use False Lashes Instead?

Even though a set of extended lashes take 90 minutes to 180 minutes to apply, that is still shorter if you calculate the time you spent applying your mascara. Or even your false lashes. It could take much longer if you are a beginner in doing your makeup. 

Besides, a pair of false eyelashes would cost you S$10 to S$20, and you would only use it once. See, a two-set of these is a session of eyelash extensions. So, would you still prefer to use false lashes? Of course, you would opt for the cost-effective one instead.

Question 2: How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

The application of this cosmetic makeup could last for at least six to eight weeks. Or until your lashes grow. Imagine how many bottles of mascara you could save in those times? Probably a lot, especially if you are someone who prefers to add more layers than usual. Sometimes, if you do not take extra safety measure, it would only last for three to four weeks.

Question 3: How Much Do They Cost?

As mentioned above,eyelash extensions are not cheap in Singapore. You will have to spend a couple of S$40 to S$100 or higher than that if you want to make your lashes look fuller and longer than others. So, expect to bring extra cash with you if you decide to get one. More so, if you want your lashes to look fuller and more volume. 

Question 4: Is There a Way to Prolong Its Time Frame?

Like most cosmetic makeup applications, there is a way to make eyelash extensions a lot longer. Of course, you have to be meticulous about what you need to do. So, right after the treatment, try not to get your lashes wet for at least 48 hours. Otherwise, that extended lashes of yours might fall off your eyes. 

Moreover, while you are wearing these eyelash extensions, skip applying oil-based products around your eyes and ditch the mascara in your makeup kit. If you do it the other way, expect to get another one. 

Question 5: On the Other Hand, Would It Ruin My Natural Lashes?

Since the cosmetic makeup application will happen around your eyes, you should let a professional lash stylist do it. A delicate touch of an expert is necessary so nothing unpleasant would happen. 

If you go to inexperienced ones, there is a chance it would not only look uneven, but they might poke your eyes during the process. The worst thing that could happen is they would ruin the growth of your natural lashes. That is why it matters to go to a licensed and certified lash expert if you want to extend or treat your lashes.

Another thing you should do is not rub your eyes. If you feel itchy, use an eyelash brush to get rid of that itch. Also, make sure to sleep on a silk or soft pillowcase, so it would not get a snag.

Question 6: So, Do Eyelash Extensions Worth It? 

Honestly, it depends on your lifestyle. If you prefer to sleep than do your makeup, then wearing eyelash extensions is worth it. You would have an additional 30 minutes of rest before you go to work. 

Also, you would not have to spend so much buying different mascara to find out which one suits your eyes the most. A session of eyelash extensions in Singapore is the best thing you can so you can save time and money all at once.

Question 7: Where Should You Get Them?

Well, other than personal recommendations from your family and friends, reviews posted online can help you decide where you should get one. Try searching for eyelash extensions near me on Google, and you will find out which nearest lashes shop you can drop by.

Once done, consider making a list before checking out the reviews on their website. You could also check if their social media have any mentions from their past clients. If there are a few, make sure to read those carefully and look at the photo attached closely. It would help you determine if you should go there and have your lashes done. 


Things You Must Do Once You Get Eyelash Extensions 

As mentioned before, this cosmetic makeup application is quite high-maintenance. In other words, you have to exert some extra effort so it would stay gorgeous at all times and it would not fall off your eyes. Here, make sure to follow this guide on what you must do once you get one. 


Adjust Your Skincare Routine

Once your lashes get extended, you have to give up your oil-cleansing routine. You see, oil-based products would only weaken the adhesive glue of youreyelash extensions. As a result, it might fall off earlier than expected. 

For that reason, you should opt to use micellar water instead whenever you want to cleanse your face. Also, make sure to use a cotton swab if you plan to remove some eye makeup. Additionally, if you fancy applying some eye cream, do it in the morning so the substance would not run through your lashes.

Change the Way You Do Your Makeup

Since you do not have to use mascara, your makeup routine will become shorter. So, try not to forget not to apply any more mascara to your lashes. Just keep it as it is once you are one adding an eyeliner. Also, make sure your makeup product does not contain any oil on its ingredients. 

Pay More Attention to Your Eyes

You have to since some makeup residue tends to build upon the extended lashes. So, make it a habit to clean your eyelashes right after coming from work. Keep it cleaned and groomed, especially the lash line. That way, there is no excess hair that will go through your eyes. It would also keep the dust and debris away from your eyes.

Wash Your Face With Extra Caution

If you love washing your face standing up before, you must now lean into the sink a bit more. It helps to keep the strong splashes of water away from your eyes. Also, try dabbing your face a lit bit lighter as you massage it in an outward motion. As for the area around your eyes, make sure to use your ring finger, but rub it as gently as possible. Cautiously Washing your face helps the glue stay intact on your skin and the extended lashes. 

Brush Your Lashes Like Your Hair

Right after washing your face, make sure to dry your face with a microfiber face towel. Make sure to do it gently, too. After that, use a lashes brush to keep the strand of your extended lashes untangled. 

Well, you might think brushing your lashes sounds ridiculous, but it helps the extension to last longer, and it promotes the growth of your lashes. So, consider doing it every night before you go to sleep. 

Never pick on them

Admit it or not,  some people love to pick the strand of their hair. However, doing it with your eyelash extensions would only cause problems on your lash line and also with your eyes. So, if you do not want that to happen, do not do this. Keep in mind not to let your hands pick on your lashes. 


So, Should You Get Eyelash Extensions Now? 

It is okay. You do not have to answer this question right away. Just take your time and think more about whether you should get eyelash extensions near you or not. However, if you feel like applying mascara is not your cup of tea, and you are okay spending a little bit for yourself, then get one. You deserve it. You deserve to look fab at all times!

So, when you feel like getting a lash lift, drop by at Dreamlashin Singapore! They can help you look and feel effortlessly beautiful. Visit their website today and find out which lashes suit your eyes the most. 

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