What Is Group Therapy and Why Is It Beneficial?

A physician by the name of J. H. Pratt is widely credited with starting group therapy to raise awareness of tuberculosis treatment. As a result of members sharing experiences, Pratt found that members of the groups benefitted emotionally. As time went on, Pratt called his meetings group psychotherapy meetings. As a result of the group treatment of combat veterans after World War II and the subsequent discovery that these sessions had specific benefits, group psychotherapy became widely utilized.In general, group therapy is defined as when one or more than one therapist is treating several patients simultaneously. There may be more than one therapist in a group; in this case, there are usually only two therapists addressing the group at one time. Depending on the type of group therapy used, the size of the group can vary. An example of this is couple’s therapy, which is a specialized group therapy geared toward lovers. However, some types of groups, such as substance misuse groups, may have as many as 10-12 participants in a single session. According to researchers studying the effectiveness of group therapy, there should be somewhere between six and twelve people in a group, but some groups have even more people.

Taking part in a group treatment program has many benefits. The benefits include:

Group Therapy’s Benefits

The following are some of the benefits associated with group therapy;

  1. In group therapy, people are reminded that they are not alone in their difficulties or troubles and that they do not have to face them alone. Psychiatrist Dr. Irvin David Yalom, a guru of group therapy and known for coining the concept of universality, is said to be the inventor of the concept.
  2. The cost of group therapy is usually lower than that of individual therapy.
  • Group therapy gives you the opportunity to receive and give assistance. Both of these things are crucial to treatment. In addition to receiving support from others, giving support to others is a way to strengthen a therapeutic alliance.
  1. As compared to individual therapy, there is a broader therapeutic alliance in group therapy. It allows for a broader range of viewpoints to be included.
  2. In addition to aiding clients in building communication and socializing skills, group therapy teaches them to express themselves and accept condemnation from other individuals.
  3. Having a group to listen to who has similar concerns can help an individual gain self-awareness. It is often therapeutic to share one’s experiences with others who are experiencing similar problems.

The benefits of group therapy are plentiful for those who are reluctant to express their feelings, perceived flaws, etc.By learning from others’ successful practices, group therapy participants can learn how to tackle similar challenges.

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