What are the Benefits to Halotherapy?

Are you ready to take control of your wellness journey but don’t know where to start? Learn how therapeutic salt rooms at Saunatica can get you on the road to health.

Want to try salt therapy but aren’t sure if it will work? It can’t hurt. Scientific studies back the benefits of salt for countless ailments, and three are virtually zero side effects.

With the advantages of salt rooms that mimic the benefits of natural caves, Saunatica is the hottest place to fight the problematic symptoms of various health conditions.

Halotherapy 101

Salt therapy, or halotherapy, is a treatment that involves inhaling salt particles within an environment designed to mimic the climate of a natural salt cave. By inhaling salty air within this enclosed space, also called a halo chamber, you may reap many of halotherapy’s purported benefits.

If you’ve considered halotherapy to enhance your health, here’s everything you need to know from our team of Costa Mesa halotherapy experts.

History of Salt Rooms

Did you know that salt has been recognized as therapeutic for centuries? Long before modern medicine, salt caves offered health benefits through stable temperatures and the release of elements into the air, such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

Although the benefits were suspected prior, the official discovery was entirely accidental. In the 19th century Poland, a physician took note of how salt miners lived far longer when compared with the general public. Salt miners were healthy despite poor working conditions, insufficient nutrition, and the fast spread of deadly infectious diseases.

Salt mines were believed to give miners youthful skin, optimum health, and longer lives by breathing in the mineral-rich salt particles. Miners who switched from coal to salt mines would experience healing and restorative breathing as well. Soon enough, people were spending their spare time in salt caves on a regular basis.

How Are Salt Caves Formed

Natural salt caves are made of dreams. Beautiful and majestic, their beginnings occurred when the ice age started. When glaciers and ice caps formed, ocean and sea waters receded, leaving behind pools of salt. Eventually, erosion, rain, and nearby minerals formed the caves we frequently see in photographs today.

Although some are lucky enough to experience the awe of natural salt caves and mines in person, many individuals aren’t so fortunate. Not only are sea levels once again rising, but humans have mined many into oblivion. Orange County halotherapy professionals focus on recreating the same environment artificially to give you the same benefits as a natural salt cave.

To achieve the same level of healing as an actual salt cave or mine, Costa Mesa halotherapy rooms are created with mineral-rich salt brick walls and salt floors. Specialized salt grinders called halogenerators are used to disperse salt into the air, mimicking the same temperature, humidity, and lack of pollutants to provide the same benefits as the real deal.

Halotherapy or Salt Therapy?

Halotherapy and salt therapy are different, although many healing practitioners utilize these phrases interchangeably. Salt therapy can be delivered either wet or dry, depending on the spa or patient’s preference. Wet salt therapy is practiced through nasal irrigation, salt baths, or by drinking and gargling saltwater.

On the other hand, Halotherapy is provided with a dry salt aerosol into the cave, mine, or salt room. The types of salt used in either method can vary depending upon desired outcome and preference, including Dead Sea, Himalayan, Caribbean, Mediterranean, and standard rock salt. Whatever the salt type, the benefits are seemingly endless.

Benefits of Halotherapy

The effectiveness level of salt rooms depends upon the severity of symptoms, disease, and desired outcome. Although the measurement of effectiveness varies, the benefits are proven. Studies show therapeutic uses of salt considerably improve clinical outcomes of participants, including those with pulmonary diseases and bronchial conditions. Other research shows that salt inhalation has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, immune-boosting, stress-reducing, and allergen-minimizing properties to benefit overall wellness. Mineral salt is touted as beneficial for countless conditions, including:

Respiratory tract infections
Chronic bronchitis
Common colds
Cystic fibrosis

In addition to physical advantages, the healing properties of salt can be cosmetic, too. By stimulating restorative and regenerative processes, dry salt revives skin elasticity to minimize edema while improving the appearance of even the deepest lines and wrinkles. Contrary to popular belief, the use of mineral salt in therapy is not drying. Mineral-rich salt can be used to improve skin problems associated with the following:

Believe it or not, the advantages of therapeutic salt don’t stop there. Because salt rooms are calming and relaxing, salt can also better patients’ mental and emotional health. Believed to involve negative ions to promote energy and mood regulation, salt can assist with physical and emotional issues associated with mental illness, such as:
Brain fog

What to Expect From a Salt Room

During your visit, you’ll relax in a salt room for an agreed-upon period. It’s suggested to spend no more than one to three hours in a salt room. If you are feeling better sooner than expected, the frequency of your visits can change.

In some salt rooms, a healing practitioner can be present to help you make the most of your healing adventure. Practitioners may utilize healing crystals, meditation, or chants to raise your mental clarity throughout your stay. You can also implement blankets, relaxing music, podcasts, or your favorite movies if you prefer warmth and a cognitive distraction.

During the salt treatment, you’ll breathe in air that has been thoroughly saturated with microsized particles of salt that have been evenly distributed with the halogenerator. If you are in a private salt room, your clothing options depend on your personal comfort level. It is thought to be most beneficial if salt can reach more of your skin, so expose as much of your skin as you feel safe doing.

Side Effects of Salt Rooms

For most people, salt therapy is safe, non-invasive, and has zero side effects. However, very few people report mild issues, such as skin and eye irritation from salt rooms. Fortunately, any problems as the result of salt often resolve entirely on their own. You can prevent eye issues from happening by simply keeping your eyes closed. If necessary, you can consult with a physician.

Other side effects may include increased coughing and nasal drainage during treatment. Draining of sinus cavities is seen as a good thing and usually means the salt is working.

There are health conditions where salt is not a recommended treatment method. Those with hypertension, blood disorders, certain cancers, tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism, heart disease, fever, open wounds, and any contagious diseases should double-check their eligibility with their physician before participating in salt healing.

Other Therapy Methods

On their own, therapeutic salt rooms are a wonderful way to easily and quickly boost your physical, cosmetic, and mental health. But, other therapy methods can enhance the advantages of your encounter. Consider incorporating color light therapy, near-infrared treatment to unite your mind and body.

Therapeutic salt is an excellent alternative treatment without the use of drugs or surgery. If you’re looking for a drug-free way to better your life, consider the advantages of therapeutic salt to help. Orange County halotherapy at Saunatica can help with the following conditions:

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