Watch Woman Authorized Movie “36 Vayasulo”


Every woman has her own world, where she tries to be a queen. Empowering the world with responsibilities shouldered on her. Leading a family life, she still shines in any profession of her will. But many middle-class women are downtrodden by her own family members discouraging her wishes. Do awards should be left for only school and college life! Once she is married, she should forget all the successful past! Work for only husband and children! These questions are raised by every middle-class woman who wants to excel in professional life where the family should not be an Obstacle. The movie 36,Vayasulo finds solutions for all the above questions of a woman. She is balancing family and professional life. You can check this movie in aha videos.


Jyothika came back with a powerful movie, “36 Vayasulo,” encouraging all the women of that age group and above. Vasanthi (jyothika), her husband Rahman, and 13-year-old daughter want to move Ireland for a more settled life.

President, inspired for her daughter’s speech at school, wants to meet Vasanthi for training her daughter so well. As the day comes to meet, president Vasanthi messes up the situation, fainting before the president and became the talk of the town in public. She is forming meme on the internet as an entertaining comic in society, which embarrassed her husband and daughter.

In the course of time, her husband and daughter fly to Ireland, leaving Vasanthi alone, which makes her depressed. Meanwhile, her friend reminds her past successful days of college life with strength and braveness. These inspiring words evoke creativity and talent in her, where she introduced her own startup to the food industry. Within a short span of time, her business excels at the top in the market. Did her family support her in this regard? How did she succeed, forms the main theme of the story?

Artists Performance:

Jyothika, in a lead role, gave soul to the character Vasanthi. With her impeccable performance, she already proved herself in many movies like Chandramukhi’s unforgettable role. The  movie 36 Vayasulo added to her hit list films. Rahman, in her husband’s role, acts to the best. Abhirami, as a daughter, sticks to the character.

Director carved out the movie, including comedy and drama, with good narration. Diwakarrans visuals are amazing. Producer Suriya spent worth on the show to design up to the best level.

Jyothikas lead role is reflected throughout the movie. Music composition by Santhosh Narayanan is good. All the technical efforts made the movie interesting to watch.


Jyothika’s role is related to Sridevi’s character in English-Vinglish films. Women can’t digest if her self respect is hurt by family members, friends, or anyone. Jyothika proves that middle-class women can achieve anything if they make an effort with a strong will. A woman can come out of depression when inspired with her good deeds done in past.consuming of highly pesticide food, harms our health told by Jyothika is the highlight of the movie. It’s time for the society to think about every message given by vasanthi in the movie. We should adopt the culture of organic food vasanthi. Succeeding in the business astonished her family members and society. Did they accept her success or not.watch and enjoy the movie. Especially every woman involved in vasanti’s character.

Cast and crew:

Starring:Jyothika, Rahman, Abhirami

Directed by:Rosshan Andrews

Produced by: Suriya

Music by: Santhosh Narayanan

Cinematography: R. Diwakaran

Edited by: Mahesh Narayanan


36 Vayasulo had many posiative views from audiences of all regions. Especially women inspired a lot thinking that they can do something well beyond the family also. Her wishes and wills, including self-respect, should be given priority. Any obstacles can be dissolved in front of a strong will of a woman is proved once again by 36 Vayasulo movie.
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Bottom line:

It’s a woman empowered movie. Designed to show women is not less in any scenario of life. She can withstand tough times also on herself. Jyothika, calm to a commanding character, has done a great performance. Self respect and dedication to work byvasanthi is awesome in the movie.Sit and watch for refreshment from routine life.