How the Accountant Works For Perfect Tax Submissions

The accountant has developed specific tools both in the declaration and in the assessment of the weight of taxation in the company. The accountant is at your service for the following tasks:

  • Periodic and annual VAT returns.
  • Business tax declaration.
  • Annual declaration of results.
  • Other tax declarations relating to companies.
  • Tax visa to benefit from the allowance of approved organizations.
  • All other tax declarations.

And beyond recurring assignments, contractual audit assignments

Tax audits

The chartered accountant audits all tax management against the texts and the strategy chosen by the company.

  • Compliance audit
  • Control of company practices with regard to the rules in force
  • Proposal and implementation of solutions

Strategic audit

  • Assistance to the business manager on short, medium and long-term choices relating to the company’s tax management.

Monitoring of applications and the implementation of the strategy

The elements relating to your family situation are already filled in as well as the following income: salaries, unemployment benefits, retirement pensions, activity supplement of the active solidarity income (RSA), and income from savings. If you had declared property income last year, the items relating to the buildings you rent and the tenants (but not the rents received) also appear for the first time this year on your return. But beware, this pre-filling only concerns the income received by the taxpayer and his spouse or PACS partner. If your children have received income, they are not indicated on your return and you must add them (except for those who are exempt). Hiring the tax pros miami offers the best results.

Check, correct and complete your declaration

You must ensure that the printed amounts are correct and, if not correct them, then declare the other sources of income of your tax household: alimony received, industrial and commercial profits, non-commercial profits, property income. Without forgetting to indicate the charges and the expenses which allow you to benefit from a deduction, a reduction or a tax credit? Also pay attention to the number of shares assigned to you. Children 19 and over are automatically considered as making a separate declaration. it’s up to you to reinstate them if you link them to your tax household.

Do not forget

If you have adopted the status of auto-entrepreneur and opted for the discharge tax payment (VFL), your turnover or your receipts have already been taxed. But you must nevertheless indicate their amount on the additional declaration 2042 C under the heading “self-employed person”. 

They will not be taxed a second time but will allow the tax service to calculate the tax rate applicable to the other income of your tax household. If you have not opted for the VFL, you must declare your turnover or gross receipts on the additional declaration 2042 C under the heading micro-BIC for an industrial or commercial activity or micro-BNC for a non-commercial activity.