Notes From A Debt Consultant: 8 Tips To Manage Them In Your 20s  


Being in your 20s is a mixture of excitement and responsibility. First, you have a set of chores or tasks to help you survive every single day of your life. That includes setting your electricity bills when living alone, paying your taxes to comply with government regulations, and sorting your social security for the sake of your future. Second, while we are not to promote living life to the fullest, this chapter of your life is filled with excitement in the form of parties, spending sprees to reward yourself, vacations, and anything that lets you enjoy youth.

However, according to a debt consultant, money problems are the last thing people want during this age, and they can be rampant.

It is not to shame anyone for living their lives and wanting to make the most of things, but if you were to approach things with a balance, then expect great results. In this article, let us explore some notes from a debt consultancy professional on avoiding debt that negatively affects your finances:


Not just in terms of finances, but building a healthy balance in everything you do helps. For instance, you are consistent on your diet plan for reaching fitness goals without adopting something unsustainable. That means you can enjoy good food while achieving something. Another would be being able to savour the fruits of your hard work without draining your savings and living beyond your means. While a debt solution firm in Singapore focuses on solving things, they sometimes emphasise the importance of balance in your life.


It is not about being tone-deaf and sounding like a privileged person who does not recognise the existence of poverty in the world or saying that people should stop being poor. Instead, the key is to live within your means while trying to get ahead and improve your financial state.

First, you can avoid issues with loan consolidation in Singapore by not engaging in any form of debt you cannot pay. For instance, never apply for a housing loan when you are unsure of paying the amount on or before the deadline because life is uncertain, even if we’re talking five to ten years.


Using a credit card means forging a good standing with banks and other financial institutions, but for some, it is the contrary because they only incur piles of debt without knowing. The mind-boggling fact here is that some countries struggle with this: No one is immune until they realise the importance of avoiding the rabbit hole or accumulating debt that becomes an entire loan consolidation plan in Singapore.

Overall, the solution is to manage your cards wisely while spending within your financial capacity, such as being able to pay in full the moment you swipe or avoiding late payments.



No one is asking you to stop appreciating the convenience of being able to connect with friends and family without going out of your home or accessing valuable information with your fingertips.

However, there is a side of social media that contributes to incurring financial mistakes, according to a debt consultant. People sometimes become jealous of people who sport the latest luxury goods and products and tend to live beyond their means by taking advantage of their high credit limits. Some would even live a pretentious life of swindling only to impress people behind the screen.


One way to avoid and manage debt is by keeping track of your expenditures. There is no need to worry because you might be unfamiliar with creating spreadsheets on your computer or using a mobile application to track things because you can do many things for this. First, you can list everything you spend and how much you receive during your paycheck. It does not have to be a visual designer’s byproduct because the simplest one works wonders! Second, you can seek advice from a debt consultancy service professional.


Loans and debt are unavoidable, and they are understandable when people have the financial capacity and correct mindset to pay for them on or before the deadline. Assuming you are in the same position, always read the terms & conditions to avoid issues, such as overlooking the interest percentages and other limitations that might be a problem for you. That is one debt solution in Singapore you should know because those who find themselves incurring more than they can often miss the importance of understanding beyond the surface.




Draw a line between living in the moment and thinking about your future because balance is the key. When it comes to financial matters, always think long-term because one mistake might cost you thousands and millions of dollars. One example is understanding the terms before signing a contract to avoid a loan consolidation plan in the future because you accumulated more than you should. Another one is thinking of the consequences before swiping your card at the luxury mall or airline ticket website.


There might be a sense of contradiction because our point is to avoid debts, and now, we are suggesting paying everything earlier or on time. Well, using your credit card for emergency purposes and convenience is inevitable, and one way to avoid building an unwanted loan consolidation is to never go beyond the deadline of your bank. For instance, if the payment is due 21 days after the billing period, settle everything before that date. The only reward is building a good credit score, but the correct financial mindset is priceless!

Living in your 20s should not be filled with uncertainty and piles of financial problems due to carelessness and negligence. If you are seeking to reinvent your money habits, Debt Aid offers a debt consultancy service for people who need to settle their financial obligations. You can visit their website to learn more about what they do.