No To Damaged Hair! 10 Common Causes Of Hair Breakage

Generally, women kick up a fuss on three things. First is their skin, including the sudden acne breakouts, dry skin, changes in skin complexion, or skincare products. Second, their weight. They either make a fuss about wanting to be skinny or gaining weight. Last is the hair. The most common complaint people talk about is damaged hair. Although hair care products are now up for grabs, some people would still rather complain than treat their hair. Typically, the most known causes of hair breakage are either due to frequent manipulation or dry hair. Just so you know, damaged hair can result in falloff, hair loss, or stagnant hair condition.

Want to stop your hair from breaking? Continue reading.


Dry hair is one of the precursors to hair breakage, damage, and loss. Generally, there are multiple factors affecting the hair and causing it to dry and get frizzy, such as sunny days, low humidity, heavy downpour, dirty air, overwashing, or heat styling devices. To beat frizz, switch to washing your hair with warm water and moisturising hair care products.

Concentrate the shampoo on your scalp and conditioner on your ends, especially if you have split or dry ends. NEVER skip using conditioners. It is a no-no! When buying hair care and treatment products in Singapore, keep in mind the LOC method.

  • Liquid
  • Oil
  • Cream

Wash your hair and use liquidhair care products first, apply nourishing oils to seal the nutrients afterwards, and last, moisturising creams to smoothen your hair.


High temperature is the primary reason why your hair cuticle, delicate hair cortex, and strands become vulnerable, causing damaged hair and preventing moisture from hydrating your hair. As much as you can, try to prevent yourself from using heat-damaging equipment pieces for styling your hair. Heat styling devices, such as hairdryers, straighteners, or curling iron, strip moisture and nutrients from your hair. You can try hair rollers, pins, socks, heatless curling rods, or tie your hair in a bun to curl your hair without heat. If you really need to use devices, protect your hair and apply some hair care products, such as heat-protecting sprays or oils.


One of the hair care productsworth buying is a microfibre towel. Using heat can totally damage your hair, but so is improper drying. Microfibre towels can create less friction, meaning less frizz! For the ladies who want to keep using regular towels, refrain from rubbing your wet hair. Instead, blot and pat the towel on your hair and wrap it around your head. Leave it there until the towel has fully absorbed the excess water on your hair.



Improper washing can also cause frizz and damage to hair. While shampoos are best at removing unnecessary dirt and giving your hair a refreshing scent, they can also strip the natural moisture your hair produces. When shopping for hair products in Singapore, grab a hand on a gentle, sulphate-free shampoo. Also, here are five steps to properly wash your hair.

  • Section your hair into different parts.
  • Wet your hair.
  • Apply shampoo in each section, massage, and swish into the scalp. Make sure every part of your hair gets the right amount of shampoo. (Tip: Sectioning can help prevent hair from tangling)
  • Gently pull the foam and shampoo all the way down to the ends.
  • Thoroughly rinse hair to prevent dandruff from developing.


If your hair is close to its breaking point, it would be best to comb or brush your hair ONLY when styling it. Invest in wide-tooth combs or wooden brushes with fine, natural bristles, as these two can prevent hair breakage. Also, bear in mind that brushing or combing your hair when it is still wet is a no-go. Avoid doing it.


Women always get so excited to style their hair when they have new hair care products, tools, or accessories. However, it is essential to use high-quality accessories as poor quality can snag and ruin your hair, causing fallouts, breakage, or hair loss. Get rid of your bobby pins, low-quality clips, and elastic hair ties.




Chemically treating your hair, such as perms, relaxers, permanent straightening, and hair colouring or dyeing, can lead to hair breakage. It may seem like your hair is still healthy, but frequently getting these services or over-processing can harm your hair cuticle or damage your scalp. If you have damaged hair, get hair treatment products in Singapore, like hair masks, leave-in conditioners, dry scalp treatment, sleep caps, silk pillowcases, and argan oils.




Did you know that hair trims can actually save your hair? Getting hair trims or end cuts can help you maintain healthy and split-end-free hair. While hair care productsbring nourishment to your hair, hair trims help by removing the splits in your cuticle and the rest of your strands, which prevents breakage. Visit your hairstylist at least every two months to get a haircut or trim.


Besides damaging hair products in Singapore, your diet and food intake can also affect the condition of your hair. Cut down on high-fat foods, simple carbohydrates, and sweets, as these can ruin the condition and quality of your hair. Instead of these foods, switch to a healthier and more nutritious diet, which benefits both your hair and health. Consider foods rich in Omega-3, Vitamins B6, B12, folic acid, and protein to maintain a strong, shiny, and bouncy hair.


Telogen effluvium is a form of stress aligned with your hair. If you are too stressed, telogen effluvium causes hair damage, hair follicles go dormant, and hair loss. Unfortunately, there are no available hair care productsto deal with stress. However, effective stress management can help prevent your hair from falling off. Take care of your mental health!

Final Thoughts

The latest hairstyles, cuts, and colours can seem exceptional when you see them on social media, on photographs, across magazine covers, or even in person. No one is stopping you if you want to get a similar look. However, the entire process of achieving these looks requires excessive exposure to heat-damaging styling devices and harsh hair chemicals that can severely cause hair breakage. If you really want to have the hairstyle you have been dreaming of, you have to invest in hair care products in Singapore to restore its nutrients, maintain its condition, and bring back its glow.

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