Laptop Use Evaluation

A good laptop can improve work efficiency. It will bring more entertainment to life.

The HONOR MagicBook 15 that many people have waited for a long time is on sale. As the press conference said, it is a cost-effective laptop. It incorporates an innovative drill-cut waistline design in terms of appearance design. This makes it more technologically sophisticated. Of course, this is only one of its highlights. In order to get a thorough understanding of this laptop, let’s take a deep evaluation with us!

In appearance, it looks more fashionable. When the package is opened, the “small blue edge” comes into view. The four sides of the laptop are cut through drilling and two-color anodizing. It shows a new blue edge design. The LOGO has been injected with a sky-like dark blue. Compared with the previous generation products of the same series, the LOGO processing appears more beautiful. It is more in line with the young people’s public personality and enthusiasm for chasing trends.

By optimizing the three-dimensional stacking frame of the fuselage, it makes its fuselage slim. It is 16.9mm. The weight is 1.53KG. It is light in the hand. It is convenient to carry on daily commuting and business trips.

Equipped with AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor, it can guarantee the stable operation of the computer.

In order to make its performance more powerful, it joined the DDR4 dual-channel memory design. This dual-channel memory design has increased its processing speed. People who use large-scale office software will not experience any lag during operation. It will be more efficient when dealing with daily work.

In addition, this processor has a better energy consumption ratio. It can help laptops get longer battery life. The road on a business trip is boring. After 9 hours of continuous TV series, there is enough battery power. And the battery life is strong.

The charging cable of the computer can be consistent with the charging cable of the mobile phone. This mobile phone can be realized, not only can realize the fast charging of the computer, but also can charge the mobile phone. This design is super convenient to use.

What is even more praiseworthy is its multi-screen collaboration function. It can complete the transfer of files and pictures with a single touch. It can realize the operation of the computer to control the page of the mobile phone. It is more convenient and more efficient for users when doing mobile office.

Although in the current market, laptops of various brands emerge in an endless stream, and their performance is different. But this laptop is different from other laptops in that it considers more humanized office concepts, such as its hidden camera design and fingerprint power button functions, which are very user-friendly. It not only protects our privacy, but also makes it more convenient and faster for us to use computers.

At a price of £669.99, it is very worthwhile to be able to buy a computer with such a configuration. Moreover, it is not only an office tool, but also an opener of the era of smart office. With its existence, it can make daily office more flexible and more convenient. If you just want to change your computer or want to buy a new laptop with a high cost performance, then this laptop must be worth buying!