How To Teach Kids To Remember Their Loved Ones Who Have Passed On

The passing away of a loved one is a poignant reality that everyone must experience at some point. And there are cases wherein someone might lose their parents at a young age. When that happens, it’s important to help them remember their loved ones and preserve their memories of the deceased. This can be done in several ways, including giving memorial gifts for loss of mother. In this article, we’re rounding up seven tips on how you can do so.

Be honest about the situation. When talking to kids about such a painful loss, you have to be gentle yet honest with them. Explain the situation in a way that they can grasp it — and be there when they have questions to ask. To help them cope with their loved one’s passing, they should be able to accept the truth first.

Give personalized memorial gifts. Memorial gifts for loss of mother are a unique way to honor someone’s passing. From plaques and wind chimes to lanterns and ornaments, these gifts can be personalized with messages that celebrate the life and legacy of the deceased.

Allow them to express their emotions creatively. Emotions can be better processed and remembered when they’re expressed. Let bereaved children have a creative outlet where they can say anything about what they’re going through. This could be in the form of a letter, a drawing, or a scrapbook.

Compile their photos and video recordings. Photos and videos are a great memory aid. As children most likely won’t be able to recall their memories with their loved ones vividly, compiling photographs and video clips will definitely help in reminiscing many wonderful moments. These files can also come from other relatives, friends, and colleagues.

Repurpose their belongings. You don’t have to throw away or donate the deceased’s belongings. Repurposing them instead will give them a new life and be instrumental in keeping the deceased’s presence alive. For instance, an old watch or necklace can be handed down to the deceased’s children. Their clothes can also be upcycled. If they have a handwritten family recipe or poetry, it can also be framed and displayed. These valuables, together with memorial gifts for loss of mother, help remember the life of someone who had already passed away.

Talk about the deceased. Every now and then, make it a point to talk about the deceased and mention their name. This will help kids remember them as they grow up and form new memories. Talk about the fond memories you have with the deceased or some characteristic or trait that the kids have inherited from the loved ones they lost.

Honor the deceased especially during special occasions. When special days arrive, like birthdays and death anniversaries, set aside time to honor their memories. Give a toast or perform a tradition that they’re fond of doing when they were still alive. For instance, you can preserve their legacy of charity by donating to a philanthropic institution close to their heart during their birthday. You can also play a Christmas album that they love whenever the holiday season comes around.