How to Prepare Before Getting Your Braces

There is a connection between your body, mind and soul. If you’re confident about your body, your mind and soul will also feel good. See, life is a series of connections, from your physical appearance to a healthy mindset. 

Hence, it is valid if you want to improve some flaws or imperfections. It is not always vanity when you want to fix something. As mentioned above, body, soul and mind are working together to achieve a healthy well being. 

If you want to fix your crooked teeth, you should go for it with Invisible aligners and Invisalign braces in Singapore. This way, you’ll smile more! After all, smiling makes the world a brighter place. So, to get started with braces, read the article to know about the common reasons people get an Invisalign in Singapore. Plus, the benefits of it. 

Common Reasons Why People Get Braces

Do you feel shy when smiling or laughing? Well, you should not hide those smiles! Luckily, you can solve it with invisible braces and Invisalign aligners in Singapore. To help you decide, here are the common reasons why people get braces. After reading this section, you may identify your teeth problem. If not, it is better to consult your dentist for a consultation. 

  • Overbite – Overbite makes your teeth bite the roof of your mouth. If left untreated, it can lead to front teeth and gum tissue damage. 
  • Underbite-Underbite makes your lower teeth overlap the front teeth. It can increase oral injury when eating or talking.
  • Open Bite- Open bite is a gap between upper and lower teeth. If you have an open bite, there will be difficulty with speaking or eating. 
  • Crowding- Crowding causes your teeth to overlap with each other. Hence, there is a high risk of cavities.
  • Spacing- Spacing creates a wide gap between your teeth. Unfortunately, it can cause bad breath, dental issues or cavities. 

Now, if you know what issue you have, you can immediately go to your dentist and opt for Invisalign aligners and Invisalign braces. For this reason, you need to know how to prepare for your first brace procedure. So, continue reading for the preparation tips. 

Ways to Prepare for Your First Brace

Indeed, braces can change your outlook on life. After your braces, your smile will change permanently and will look better. Hence, it is a decision that you need to make. With this, you can get the most out of your Invisalign aligners and invisible aligners. Plus, it includes Invisalign braces. Read further to prepare for your first brace! 

Prepare Your Mind 

The brace is a life-changing experience, so it’s normal to feel nervous. To ease your anxiety, you should come to your appointment with knowledge about Invisalign aligners, invisible aligners and Invisalign braces. You can read articles online about braces or watch videos for information. With this, you’ll know what you are about to experience. 

Better yet, consult with your dentist about the braces. It is because he can tell you about the essential information you need to know. On top of this, your dentist can help you prepare for your braces session. All of these will help you prepare mentally. Now, you can go to your appointment with excitement and anticipation! 

Expect Slight Discomfort and Prepare for Adjustment 

Although Invisalign braces are more comfortable than traditional braces, you should also expect discomfort for a few days or weeks. It is because there is pressure in your mouth, which you’re not familiar with. As it will adjust, your teeth may feel slight soreness or pain when eating or talking.

Hence, prepare for some adjustments. To begin with, you should ask your dentist about the aftercare. You may need some medications like Tylenol for pain comfort. Plus, you can also look for toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss. It can be for the Invisalign braces maintenance in Singapore. 

Get the Necessary Self Care Kit 

After you get your Invisalign aligners and Invisalign braces, you should also get the necessary self-care kit. For sure, your dentist will discuss the self-care kit you’ll need. So, keep in mind to take down some notes. Your dentist will advise you to buy a brand of toothbrush, toothpaste or floss for maintenance. 

Also, consider knowing the proper method for cleaning your braces. This way, you’ll protect your teeth from damage. Remember that it is also essential to have a follow-up consultation with your dentist to know about your progress. 

Have a Cleaning Schedule for Braces 

It is essential to keep your Invisalign braces clean during and after wearing them. Of course, you need to have a cleaning schedule for braces. You should know the best time to clean your braces. Also, keep in mind to clean your Invisalign braces or invisible aligners after eating or waking up in the morning. 

With this, you can prevent bacteria, cavities or dental issues from developing. Moreover, brush your teeth three times a day. You can also use mouthwash or dental floss for cleaner teeth. It is better if your dentist can provide you with the aftercare products. 

Pick Appropriate Food 

Most importantly, prepare the meals you’ll eat after getting Invisalign braces in Singapore. You need to avoid foods that are hard, chewy and sticky because they can damage your braces. So, here is the list of food you need to avoid:

  • Hard candies
  • Sticky sweet or cuisines
  • Sugary foods
  • Bites that you need to bite hard like apple, corn 

Getting braces is indeed an exciting moment! That’s why you need to prepare for it to enjoy the whole process. In conclusion, you have to be responsible for your actions to get the most out of your Invisalign braces. 

Wearing Braces for a Positive Life Outlook

Wearing braces can change the way you interact with the world. You’ll smile more and inspire other people to become positive too! To have your Invisalign braces in Singapore, go to MyBracesClinic for a consultation. Let them help you have a confident smile. 

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