Get To Know Everything About The Revolutionary Facelift

Face sagging is one of the common problems that women face. Not only women but everyone growing old faces the problem of sagging skin. Sagging skin starts slowly, but it takes all the confidence within us. We cannot stop increasing our age. However, stopping the skin from sagging is possible through many cosmetic ways. There are many ways to stop this skin problem, but one of the best ways is thread lifting (ฉีดแฟตลดเหนียง, which is the term in Thai). It helps us get tightened and wrinkle-free skin for longer, boosting our confidence in our appearance.

About Thread Lifting

Thread lifting is one of the revolutionary face lifting methods that allow us to have firm and perfect face skin. It is a cosmetic procedure in which the herringbone threads lift the face. These threads are attached to our skin where they are needed. Then, after working with the skin tissue, these threads produce a protein that tightens our skin. You might be worried about how the threads will look on your face. But do not worry; these threads are dissolving threads. Hence, they will disappear quickly, and you will get clear skin due to the procedure.

With the help of this facelift procedure, you can get rid of the unwanted wrinkles on your face. In addition, you can remove the double chin that makes your face look ugly.

The face is affected by the skin, and our eyes droop, making it more ugly. With thread lifting, you can stop your eyes from drooping and get gorgeous eyes as before. But make sure that you consult an experienced doctor only for the procedure.

Who Is Eligible For The Face lifting Procedure?

 As it is a cosmetic procedure, thread lifting is unsuitable for everyone on the board. People with proportionate face undergo this procedure.

Many surgical procedures enable you to have tight and perfect skin. But it takes more time, and there are risks also. Hence, this thread-lifting procedure is perfect if you want tight skin without undergoing major surgery. Also, this procedure is safe and helps you adjust your face shape to become more slender and proportionate.

Who Cannot Undergo The Thread-Lifting Procedure?

This procedure is not for all. The procedure will not suit you if you have any infection in the skin. Also, doctors will not treat you if your cheeks do not have much fat.

You should avoid this procedure if you have larger jaw muscles.