Five Fabulous Bangkok Attractions

When you go to Thailand, what you do and where you visit will really be dependent on how much time you have to spend in this beautiful and mesmerizing country. Some visitors only have time to spend in Bangkok and others will travel the length and breadth of the country. For anyone who’s visiting Bangkok, there are some highlights that you simply should not miss. Reading Freedom Asia’s article about things to do in Thailand you’ll see that five key highlights are listed there and these would make a really great starting point for anyone who has never visited Bangkok if you want to get a real flavor of what the city has to offer. And even if you’re on a return trip to the Thai capital, these five places are definitely worth a second or third visit.

 Wat Pho

Home to a golden Buddha that is 46 m in length, Wat Pho, otherwise known as Temple of the Reclining Buddha is located in the heart of Bangkok near to the Grand Palace and is definitely not one to miss. You can get best online casino bonuses here playing games online. As well as being home to the largest statue of Buddha, Wat Pho also houses the largest collection of Buddha images. It’s also the headquarters for the teaching of traditional Thai medicine, including Thai massage and it’s possible for tourists to both have a massage or take a course in how to give massage here (booking ahead is advised).

Floating market

If you’re looking to buy the best fruit and veg, head to the floating market in DamnoenSaduak district. Merchants and buyers alike move along a series of waterways in oar-powered boats. You’ll also be able to cook freshly cooked Thai delicacies here too.

Temple of Dawn

Like Wat Pho, this is another must-see temple in Bangkok. Wat Arun took its name from King Taksin who arrived at the seventeenth century temple at dawn after facing conflict with the Burmere army in Ayutthaya. The tall spire provides an amazing backdrop for that photo to show that you’ve ‘been there, done that’.


If you think of Thailand as being serene and calm, think again when you head to Bangkok’s Chinatown where there are neon lights everywhere and loud music and entertainment in every direction. You can play casinoscout casino with topmost online casinos here. Take a stroll down Yaowarat Road to see the main action of this lively quarter.

Chill on the beach

Do you think you will have to choose between beach or culture when visiting Thailand? It’s not really something you should worry about as you’ll find that even if you are only based in Bangkok for a few days and don’t get to visit the rest of the country, you can still easily spend some time on some of the local beaches. The nearest beach resort to the big city is Bang Saen beach, and it’s easy to head out to on a day trip from Bangkok. It’s a resort that is popular with the Thai people at weekends and you won’t see many foreign tourists there.

A few days in Bangkok will really give you a taste of what Thailand has to offer and is often the best way to start or end a longer adventure in this amazing country.