Every Casino Enthusiast Should Know The Differences Between Online and Traditional Casino

In today’s time, people want everything to be convenient. From online shopping to booking a taxi, services now are only one tap away. The era of internet connection has allowed the human race to do things based on their level of comfortability. The usage of internet connection is so beneficial especially now we are battling with COVID-19 where we are forced to stay at home and use the internet as a means of continuing our daily routine. 

Work from home is the new norm this pandemic era and by that, people can make a living and earn money while just being at home. Certainly, work-life balance will not be achieved without leisure activities. For some, going to casinos is the activity that helps them de-stress but due to the lockdown, it needs to stop operation. Fortunately for casino enthusiasts, table games online are now available. Let this article guide you through so you can also enjoy casino table games during this pandemic time. 

What are Casino Table Games?

Casino table games or Table games are gambling activities that include dice, card or number games played on a table. Usually, a casino game is managed by a dealer or croupier. Playing in a casino–online or physical– typically involves a large amount of money. So here is the list where you can bet your money with:

  1. Baccarat 
  2. Craps
  3. Three Card Poker
  4. Roulette
  5. Blackjack 

Table games allow players to use strategery to know about odds and predict what will be the outcome of the game making it an intense game. The intensity can also be felt if played online because of the strategic effort that needs to be used before winning the game. You can feel the rush of excitement whenever a game is head-to-head. For example, Blackjack incorporates a lot of strategies but if you want a more straightforward game you can try Baccarat.  

Knowing the meaning of table games, see the difference between traditional and online casino games for more information. 

Traditional Casino vs Online Casino 

Aside from the difference that traditional is being played inside a building and online casino games on a tablet, computer or mobile phones. There are some finer details that you need to know about its benefits, advantages and disadvantages. 

You Can Play Online Casinos Anytime, Anywhere

With just flipping your laptop and internet connection, you can play it wherever you are. Maybe you’re in a bathtub, in bed or you’re just wearing a bathrobe and it’s okay because no one can see you while you play. While playing in a casino, you may be frustrated if you have to wait for a long line or a waiter just spilt some water on your shirt or simply you’re an introvert who enjoys the rush and excitement of a casino table game.  

Verdict: Although online casinos are more convenient, playing it physically and online are both intense because you will be using your strategic skills plus you need to be conscious on how you spend your money in both online and physical.

Wearing Formal Attire with Free Drinks Over Plain T-Shirt 

If you’re someone who likes to dress up and meet other people then a traditional casino is for you. Many traditional casinos have a dress code before you can enter. In online casinos, it’s not a problem, as long as you don’t turn your camera on while playing. Also, free drinks are usually offered when you go to a traditional casino so if you like freebies then it’s for you. 

Verdict: It varies from person to person as we all have different personalities. Online Casinos, it is applicable for introverted people who don’t like to dress up and meet other people while traditional casinos are suitable for people who like to socialize.

More Variety For Online Casino Table Games

In a hotel-casino, the area is only limited for some games, for sure the admin has to think how many dealers they should hire and are the dealers knowledgeable enough about all the games. Compare it with online casinos, dealers are computerized and faster. Computerized dealers are programmed to know all games and faster when shuffling back the cards.

Verdict: If you’re someone who enjoys playing with other people physically then go for a traditional casino because even if there are less variety of casino table games, you’ll enjoy the company of other people. However, if you get more excited with the games than playing with other people then go for online casinos. 

Received Cash Immediately at a Traditional Casino

In a live casino, holding chips can add to the excitement and when you’re playing blackjack, roulette or baccarat seeing your chips getting piled is somehow thrilling. Unlike in online casino games, your winning prices are only wired to your account, therefore, you can’t physically touch it and even though you can cash out anytime it may take a little while to reach your account unlike in live casino they can hand it to you more personally.

Verdict: If you like to have a reward right away then go for live casinos because the thrill is there so don’t force yourself to enjoy online casinos if you don’t find it exciting. While for people who found more thrill in the game itself than the reward then online casinos are for you. 

It’s Okay To Play Casino Table GamesIn Moderation

After knowing the difference between online vs traditional and if you are passionate about playing online games it’s okay as long as it’s in moderation. Ultimately, playing casino has mind benefits such as maintaining your brain to stay sharp and young. After all, if it’s your happiness then invest in it. 

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