Clever Ways To Use A Storage Unit In 2019

Storage units are brilliant! They are excellent ways to store things away from your home or office that would otherwise take up a lot of space. There’s also the security factor as well. Storage units have a lot of internal and external security, and so burglars are unlikely to break into them.

Did you know that storage units get used for other purposes beside the storage of goods? Here are a few examples of some smart ways you can use a storage unit in 2019:

Product photography

If you run a business, there will likely be times where you need to take photos of the products you sell. The thing is, that can be hard to do if you haven’t got a dedicated space in your office for taking photos! As you know, first impressions count and terrible product photos are unlikely to lead to sales.

You might not think it, but more businesses find it’s easier and more cost-effective to rent a storage unit. From there, they can set up their cameras on tripods, and have the right lighting. What’s more, everything will remain in position whereas equipment is likely to get disturbed in a busy office space.

Art studio

Many artists find that the cost of renting a physical artist’s studio is prohibitive – especially in inner-city areas. Another great use of a storage unit is for artistic purposes! As you can imagine, you’ll have plenty of space to store things like easels, paints, and brushes. What’s more, you’ve also got the space to paint, and the silence to concentrate.

If you live in London, have you considered renting self storage in Southwark to use as an art studio? The costs are significantly cheaper than renting an actual art studio!

Sewing space

Do you run an upholstery business? If so, storage units are ideal for sewing! For a start, you have got the space for storing the items that you need to cover or reupholster. There’s plenty of adequate lighting in there too. And you’ll even have power points for using sewing machines!

It doesn’t matter whether you specialise in domestic, commercial, or automotive upholstery. By renting a storage unit, you’ll keep your costs down and your items safe and secure.

Rest and relaxation space

The trouble with our busy lifestyles is that we seldom have time for ourselves. Our health and mental well-being depend on us having some alone time for resting and relaxing. The thing is, how is it possible to do that in a busy household, for example?

Sure, you could go to your local park or some other outdoor space for alone time. But what happens if the weather turns bad? You might think that sitting inside your car somewhere might be a practical alternative. Except passers-by might think something is wrong and disturb your silence!

Did you know that more people are renting small storage spaces where they can sit or lie down and relax in peace? You could have a small bed to lie down on, or a gym mat for meditation. Whatever you do, at least you know you can have your own space, whatever the weather!