Best Private Wine Tours Margaret River: What You Need to Know 

Margaret River in Western Australia is well known for its breathtaking beauty and has become one of the top wine districts in Australia because of its marine environment. As you are undoubtedly aware, Australia is mostly a desert country. However, private wine tours in Margaret River are unique. It is situated on Australia’s southwest coast, and both the Indian and Pacific oceans impact its weather.

Private wine tours in Margaret River are must-do activities, whether you like wine or want to spend some time in some beautiful vineyards. It’s a lovely way to spend a day touring the area and trying some of the excellent wines available. Additionally, a trip will enable you to choose the finest wineries to visit from among the many in the region.

Is It Worthwhile to Take Private Wine Tours Margaret River?

One of the most remarkable things about private wine tours in Margaret River is that there will be a driver, allowing everyone in your company to partake in the festivities without having to take on the duty of designated driver.

It’s also a terrific chance to discover how wine is made and what makes private wine tours so special. Margaret River’s so special for taking time off the fields. Considering how important wine is to the area’s history and economy, doing a wine tour while you’re here is almost required!

A wine tour will teach you how to taste wine correctly and provide you with plenty of insider information from your tour leader.

Most importantly, it’s a beautiful chance to sample various wines! Your private tour will cover your sampling costs and take you to some of the greatest wineries in the area. It was a wonderful day doing wine tours, and we heartily suggest the activity to anybody travelling to Margaret River.

What to Expect From Private Wine Tours Margaret River

Here are some things you may anticipate on a typical half-day or full-day trip, as almost all tours provide incredibly similar experiences!

Picking up – All tours in Margaret River take you from your accommodation, and your guide will go through the day’s activities. An excellent time will also start by educating you about the Margaret River wine area, its history, and its ideal weather.

Wineries Although you visit wineries on every Margaret River Wine Tour, each trip has its own unique blend. The number of wineries you see depends on whether you have a half-day or a full-day available.

Lunch – All full-day trips will include lunch or, at the very least, a stop for lunch at a winery. The Watershed is a popular pick, and the cuisine is fantastic! On one of our tours, they also got a plate with cheese, salamis, olives, crackers, etc.

The Top 6 Private Wine Tours in Margaret River

The top wine tours in Margaret River are as follows:

Cellar d’or Winery Tour

We are sure you will appreciate this well-planned trip as much as we did. It’s a delightful day trip that takes you to some of Margaret River’s best vineyards, microbreweries, and distilleries while providing plenty of opportunities to try locally produced cheese, chocolate, and olive oil.

Beer and Wine Tour for Margies Big Day Out

This trip takes you to two breweries and three vineyards to enjoy all of Margaret River’s top liquors. You’ll also have lunch at the Bootleg Brewery, a stunning location situated only by a lake.

The Origins Tasting at the Voyager Estate

This is less of a tour and more of a sampling event. One of Margaret River’s oldest winemakers, Voyager Wine Estate, makes organic wines sustainably. You may sample a flight of chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon wines in the cellar door while learning everything about the winemaking process and how various winemaking methods might affect the final product.

Full-Day Premium Organic Wine Tour

On this all-day wine trip, you’ll visit five of Margaret River’s top biodynamic and organic vineyards to discover more about the rapidly growing natural winemaking movement.

Wine Adventure in Margaret River

It is said that this particular tour is “a tour for those who don’t do tours.” On this exciting day trip, you’ll visit a lot more than simply vineyards; of course, that’s also a big part.

Winery and Brewery Tour by Electric Bike

This electric bike and wine tour is a lot of fun if you can ride an e-bike after a few drinks.

What to Bring/Advice for a Fantastic Day

  • Only drink a little at a time; the full-day tour is long, so it’s best to take it slow.
  • All wineries have water to drink, but most people, including me, forget to drink it when they have a glass of wine. So keeping a bottle in the vehicle is a fantastic way to remain hydrated when traveling between vineyards.
  • Some guests neglect to tour the vineyards because they focus on sampling. So put that glass down, and don’t be afraid to walk through the vineyards. The pictures you get are great!
  • It’s a good idea to bring some sunscreen. Even though you don’t spend much time in the sun in Australia, it doesn’t take much!
  • As was already said, it’s a long day, and having a big breakfast in the morning helps a lot.


Private wine tours in Margaret River are very flexible, allowing us to make the trip perfectly fit your tastes and interests. They will work with you to make travel plans that include the things you want to see and do, whether that’s the place to visit, wine tasting, shopping for local goods, having a long lunch, or a little bit of everything. I hope you’re all ready for private wine tours in Margaret River.