Auto Battlers from scratch: Teamfight Tactics vs Dota Underlords

Teamfight Tactics and Dota Underlords: Best Auto Battler genre games

If you are common with the internet culture then you already heard about Dota 2 Auto Chess and the hype it caused. Valve and Riot games see that this is the age of the auto battlers and created two standalone games – Dota Underlords and Teamfight Tactics.

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Both of them started with the Auto Chess mode that was created by Drodo studios in January 2019. The newborn genre received two separate giant games from a worldwide famous “fathers“. If you know Auto Chess mechanics then it will be easy to understand all the new features of these games, but if you are new to it or only watched streams before, then you may be a little overwhelmed with the all these features, classes or origins (races).

Teamfight Tactics looks very similar to the Underlords or Auto Chess at first glance, but in-depth mechanics differ too much.

Auto Battlers for beginners

Auto Battle genre is quite a simple one – you buying heroes, building items and synergies of classes and races. Comparing to other competitive games on the market, like Fortnite, League of Legends, Rainbow Six, StarCraft; auto battlers do not require additional skill from you. Reaction time, macro and micro control are not important, only Strategical mind could bring you a victory. The learning curve of the Auto Battlers is incredibly flat, all you need is to gain an understanding of how units are working with each other, otherwise, you will need the help of TFT boosting service to achieve goals in battle pass. Professional players could easily win against low-ranked players due to the fact that they perfectly know all available combinations and counter-strategies.

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Each of eight players start a game with the full health. Each round you will have a choice between 5 heroes (champions) to buy. There is up to you to buy one or ignore them, but the goal is to find the best available combination of units that could bring you a victory, by trying various so-called synergies.

But do not fear, most of these synergies are pretty simple. If you have 2 or three heroes from the same class or origin they will grant some bonuses to your army. There are a lot of classes, starting from the Knights and Assassins, ending with the Imperials and Shapeshifters.

Remember that the genre is calling Auto Battler because all your units fighting automatically, without your direct commands, so all you need is to find and build the right synergy. Positioning may play a decisive role in the outcome of the fight, so you need to adjust after each battle.