Atex Tablet: 11 Perks of Using Rugged Tablets With a Barcode Scanner in Singapore  

Tablets acted as personal computers for some time. Now, they are in additional settings, including the workplace. However, using a rugged tablet in an industrial scene differs significantly from using one at home due to the increased risk of accidents and the possibility of multiple individuals handling a single device. These issues were studied and applied to the design of rugged tablets, which ensures that your device will not fail over time. They offer numerous advantages that consumer-grade tablets cannot match.

So you want to put money into cutting-edge technology for your business? You have various options. Sometimes it can be hard to get the perfect device. But if you need something reliable, the best choice is a rugged tablet. They are easy to use, won’t break in a warehouse, and can be for more than one thing. By choosing a tablet barcode scanner, you can get these benefits.

1. Portable.

When working in the field, portability is the most crucial characteristic of any device. Rugged tablets can withstand the abuse if it comes, but they are typically bulky and cumbersome. When you need to use your device, you must find a place to set it down or struggle to hold it with one hand.  A rugged tablet is considerably more convenient to carry and operate. Often smaller and lighter than laptops, but just as rigid and resilient.

2. Rugged tablets are for busy people.

Durable tablets are user-friendly. With a sleek design and the familiarity of a consumer tablet, it is simple for your employees to learn the ropes and stay productive.

Your daily work entails a great deal of activity. Invest in a tablet that drives your operations, unlike one that merely keeps up. It has long-lasting battery power, swapping battery options, and other features; rugged tablets are up to the task. In addition, mix and match accessories to enhance the comfort and productivity of your workers. You can use the touchscreen even when wet or wearing gloves.

3. Error reduction.

Using a rugged tablet with an integrated barcode scanner drastically reduces human error. Expect errors when employees enter data manually. When using a barcode scanner for inventory management, it is not uncommon to observe a substantial improvement in inventory accuracy.

4. Latest technological advancements.

Outdated technology can significantly slow down your operations and put your business at risk of a security breach. As the world increasingly enters the digital sphere, it is crucial to have the most recent technology. An Atex tablet has all the bells and whistles your employees require to remain productive and close security gaps.

5. Operative system and software.

Windows is almost always what runs on rugged laptops. Most businesses do well with Windows, but laptops are often big and bulky to use on the go. A rugged tablet is easy to move around and comes with Windows.

6. Reduce costs of labour.

Training employees to enter inventory data manually can take weeks or even months. But with a rugged tablet barcode scanner in Singapore, employees can typically learn how to use it in a matter of minutes. It enables your employees to concentrate their efforts on more crucial tasks, thereby enhancing productivity and saving your company time and money.

7. It is both robust and adaptable.

An Atex tablet is designed for the industrial sector and comes with rugged components and abrasion-resistant materials. They must be able to withstand any potential mishaps because it’s likely that several people will handle them during a shift. The touch screen glass on rugged tablets is sturdier, preventing it from shattering upon impact. Typically, they lack fans, which is advantageous in industrial settings, warehouses, and outside, as the unit will not attract dirt and dust. If your application necessitates computing outdoors, sunlight-readable screens are available.

Most of the time, a workday can finish without recharging the battery. If you need a new battery on the job, many tablets have replaceable batteries while the device is still running.

8. Approved and tested ruggedness.

A harsh environment requires a rugged device. Made to accompany your employees wherever they go, a rugged tablet can withstand the most extreme conditions. In places ranging from frigid cold storage rooms to dusty environments, you can depend on the performance of your devices.

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9. An immediate return on investment.

On paper, a rugged tablet is more expensive than standard ones because of their durability; however, you will discover that they are well worth the additional cost. Have you noticed, for instance, that your standard tablets are frequently breaking down, resulting in costly repairs or replacements? Consider the amount of money you may have lost due to downtime.

10. Improve customer service.

A barcode Zebra scanner built-in on a Singapore rugged tablet lets you know what inventory is available, allowing you to immediately provide your customers with the items they desire and alert them in advance if an item sells out. No longer will your employees have to rely on their memories to recall the location of an item, its price, or its quantity in stock.

Management of inventory is a best practice for any organisation. If you do not maintain vigilance over your items, you expose yourself and your company to various inventory errors and difficulties. Inventory management can be the difference between success and failure for a business. Utilising barcode scanners for inventory management can significantly boost the efficiency and output of your business.

11. Additional features.

Besides the aforementioned advantages, a rugged Atex tablet can be adapted to nearly any need. Optional features include a camera, smart card reader, RFID chip, barcode scanner or other data capture module, charging cradles, keyboards, and multiple or split screen functionality.

The rugged Atex tablet is the device of the future, so don’t be left behind. Enjoy all the advantages of a mobile device and all the advantages of a PC with rugged tablets designed for functionality, mobility, and durability.

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