Are You Choosing A New Floor?

For a room to have an imposing, elegant, and contemporary effect, it is essential the decoration, the lighting, or the color of the walls; the floor is a crucial element that you cannot overlook.

Options range from simple floors to facilitate daily care, even the most complex ones made in different layers, composing a beautiful and elegant environment. Choosing apartment finishes is one of the most enjoyable parts of the construction process. This is where your home begins to take on the personality and resembles a natural home.

As it should be, you must research a wide variety of models before making the purchase, even looking for promotional flooring and siding, which can even benefit your pocketbook.

But, how to choose a particular type of flooring can be a difficult choice; you must seek advice to help you find the best solution for each room in your apartment.

So, if you want to know more about the topic and better understand the benefits and disadvantages of the main types of flooring, read this article and find out which one can be the best choice for your home.

When we look for the right flooring, we should ask ourselves two central questions: what material we would like and what type of environment. Nobody would put carpet in the kitchen; well, certain areas have specific needs, such as the bathroom, kitchen, or terrace. On its excellent conservation and safety, it is advisable to investigate thoroughly before deciding.

It is also essential to consider the use and some basic questions:

  • How often it will be used.
  • How often it will be cleaned.
  • How long we expect it to last.
  • How much it will be exposed to moisture or water and sun, among other things.

Wood floors are one of the noblest materials that exist and are a trendy choice because of their durability and functionality. They can be easily combined with furniture and wall colors and provide warmth to impersonal and cold environments. Thanks to the plasticized finish, cleaning and maintenance are accessible, which allows the wood to offer high resistance to the passage of time.

Ceramic tile floors provide different options and are characterized by their heaviness and durability. They are waterproof, which makes them suitable for use in any room of the house, even in outdoor environments, but be sure to choose non-slip ones.

Porcelain tiles are undoubtedly the great protagonists of today’s homes. Their manufacture allows for large-size slabs, which are ideal for large rooms. They are highly impermeable since they are generally glazed (matte, glossy, or satin) and reject humidity and grease.

Many pieces imitate the most recognized natural stones, such as Carrara or Calacatta, among others. Also triumphing is the smoothed cement imitation slabs, which have the advantage that they do not suffer the classic cracks that concrete floors do on large surfaces. And on the other hand, wood tile floors have gained a place in the market. Now you can find wood tile floors of exquisite quality and that at first glance could well look like any of the most coveted woods.

Vinyl, PVC, and floating floor coverings are very useful in some environments, such as children’s bedrooms, laundry rooms, and utility rooms. They are straightforward to clean and resistant to moisture and water.

They have been a trend for years because they are economical and practical to have a floor that looks like wood -or like mosaic or ceramic- but costs much less and is easy to install.

They are great for covering an old ceramic or ruined floor because they can be easily applied over other coverings.