Akoya Pearls an Exclusive Creation of Mother Earth that Was First to be Cultivated

Akoya pearls were first to be cultured in the 20th Century. Not everyone could afford natural and expensive pearls at that time. Another reason for Akoya’s popularity is its origin. Akoya pearls are obtained from the ocean bed of Japan and China which has extreme cold temperature. Since the temperature isn’t moderate, it takes lot of time for oysters to produce pearls. This means number of layers of nacre increases in Akoya pearls as it stays longer in the shell. This means, the gemstone will be more lustrous as it has more layers of nacre on it.

Some of the Akoya pearls are also dyed in different colours. This can be inspected through magnification. You will find dye in cracks and pits. However, an authentic vendor will always provide real Akoya pearls as they are expensive and of high quality. Even online shopping sites like PearlsOnly have been into pearl business since years. They do direct business with pearl farmers and processors in China and Japan to ensure its authenticity. You can go to this site to explore different shapes and size of pearl jewellery at affordable price.

One cannot determine what shape of pearl will be derived from an oyster shell. However, in Akoya pearls, shape plays an important factor to determine its value.

There are four forms of Akoya pearls that is available in market –

  • Round shape is favourite of every person as is very rarely available; hence the cost of round pearls is also high.
  • Semi round Akoya pearls is also a favourite of consumers because they are commonly available in the market compared to complete round shape. Hence, its price is slightly less than that of round pearls.
  • Drop shape Akoya pearl looks like a water drop or teardrop. This is also well in demand, especially when they are used as small earrings for elegance and decent look.
  • Baroque shaped Akoya pearls are uneven pearls that are spherical from one side and the other end has an extended notch protruding. They are mostly used for hanging earrings or pedants.

Every pearl is valuable irrespective of their origin. Apart from shape, colour, size, lustre and coating also determines its value. It takes months to organize a necklace that has same size of pearls with similar shape.